High quality, high
resolution LED
Displays without the
high cost
Cirrus brings you more pixels than our
competitor's screens at some of the most
competitive pricing on the market. Look your
best, pay less, and increase revenue up to
150% with the revolutionary BladeM.
ROI Calculator
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can increase revenue
According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, an electronic message display is the most efficient and cost-effective form of advertising. Whether you’re in the market of making money or in the pursuit of promoting community, investing in digital signage helps you get relevant messaging out that gets results. Display owners typically see an increase in business of 15% to 150%.

For example, a small business generating $1,000/day in revenue adds an electronic message center. The business soon increases by 15%, adding another $150/day in revenue. This translates to an additional $1,050/week in revenue, or $54,600/year. Source: SBA

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Please enter your display size in feet. Cirrus LED modules are 1x2’ so height can be in 1 foot increments, but width has to be in 2 foot increments. For example, you can have a 3x6’ or 3x8’ display, but not a 3x5’ or 3x7’ display. Also, please make sure that you’ve selected a single or double-sided display in the tab above.
Initial Monthly Store Revenue
Current Monthly Store Revenue
What is your current monthly revenue?
$ 110000
15 000
1 000 000
Increase in revenue in %. Minimum estimated at 15%
The US Small Business Association states that an LED display can increase your revenue from 15% to 150%. Since Cirrus LED’s are high-resolution, the impact to the ROI will be much greater so we’ve started the minimum estimate at 20%. Play with the calculator to see what a 30-40% increase in your monthly/yearly revenue would do for your bottom line.
% 15
Cost per mo.
What your high-resolution LED display would cost per month over a 60 month term. Please note this includes hardware, but does not include any sign fabrication or installation costs.
over 60 months
$ 2234
Gross increase
Total increase in your monthly revenue
in revenue from Cirrus LED Display
$ 2234
Net increase
Total increase in your monthly revenue,
minus your LED display cost
in Revenue
$ 2234
12 Month net revenue
Total increase in your yearly revenue,
minus your LED display cost
generated from Cirrus LED display
$ 211 027
5 year net revenue
Total increase in your revenue over 5 years,
minus your LED display cost
generated from Cirrus LED display
$ 1 011 027
Send us your results and we will help you with your evalution
BLADEM display Competition displays
298 trillion colors and 60 fps video
4'x8’, 9mm LED display has 3-5x more pixels
Edge-to-edge, full-color picture or video
No unnecessary connecting cables
Modular connection of display elements


Main features
How can we help you?

Ultra-high resolution
makes your products
and services stand

Innovative and
reliable solid-state
technology with no
moving parts for
performance and

lightweight, modular
screen system is easy
to install and expand.

Includes ScreenHub,
a powerful cloud
software that creates
content and monitors
your display’s health

Innovative Thinking
A technology
company created to
serve your needs
Cirrus leverages state-of-the-art
robotics to deliver an exceptionally
reliable product with advanced
solid-state technology, meaning no
moving parts for exceptional
performance and longevity
Our patented modular system allows
you to easily expand or upgrade an
existing display as your technology
needs change.
Built in New Hampshire using premium
globally sourced components
means Cirrus provides you with
competitive pricing without
sacrificing quality.
Every display comes with ScreenHub's
free hardware monitoring and the highest
level of customer support for the life of
your display so you can have peace of mind.
Each display panel is IP67 rated for
the toughest environments, meaning
through rain, heat, or snow, you can have
confidence that your display is up and running.
Increase your impact with ScreenHub
Free, powerful content
management software
for any display
Allows you to create, schedule,
and organize engaging content
in minutes
ScreenHub is compatible with any
synchronous interior TV or
outdoor digital display
24/7 Availability
Dependable playback system
plays 24 hours a day, 365 days
a year
Our dedicated team provides
you with lifetime training and
support whenever you need it
Hardware Integration
An added ScreenHub bonus that helps monitor your display’s health and alerts you when it needs some TLC
Know if your display lost power or
internet connection at any point
throughout the day
Automatically detect electrical,
temperature, or panel outage
issues with your display
Auto-map, cut/restore power,
and reboot your display all from
within ScreenHub
Prime Motor Cars Mercedes-Benz
The time came for us to update our existing reader board sign, the resolution was grainy and the reliability had diminished so I reached out to our original sign company only to be told I already had the highest resolution available.

Disappointed I began to research other options and came across Cirrus sign company, specifically I worked with Kendra who was knowledgeable and dependable offering what I was told did not exist and the end result is we love our new sign, the resolution is amazing!

Thank you Kendra and Cirrus for providing a superior product along with great service that continues after the sale.
Bob Norman, Guthman Signs
Cirrus has been nothing but professional, prompt, and compassionate about every LED sign project we have had with them. Service has been excellent for setup, training, and troubleshooting. Great people to work with.
Chris Biele, Pechanga Arena in San Diego
A fantastic service and technology that has elevated our presence! Modern cloud-based system that allows us to update content from anywhere and reach a huge amount of people who drive by our arena each day. Our rep Kelly is always accommodating and helpful.
Amanda Bradley, Keystone Sign Service
We only sell Cirrus systems displays and that is for one reason, their customer service is OUTSTANDING. They communicate with the end user to train them, offer tech support and are always there to answer any questions. This takes us (the sign supplier) completely out of the equation. Set up is quick and easy. In the past, we have offered other digital displays from overseas and while they are cheaper, they offer no tech support whatsoever. It's been our experience that the customer is willing to pay more to have a great quality product with an even better support staff to back it up.
Mike Sparks, Care Church
Cirrus has without a doubt had an impact on helping the community know who we are. We’ve had people drop by and donate food for our food ministry because of the display. We now have more people come to church and even had someone stop by in their car to hand me $20 to donate to a good cause... all this would not have happened without our Cirrus display.
Trusted by some of the Best Brands in the World
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