App Platform and First App Released

Today at Cirrus we've released our LED Cloud platform app that runs on our LED displays. This is not the iPhone App or the Android App. What is LED Cloud? For those who are not well acquainted, LED Cloud is our cloud based content management system. It allows owners and operators of Cirrus LED displays to control their content from anywhere in amazing new, user-friendly ways. Our displays are typically installed as part of a signage application or for outdoor advertising. Users can control those outdoor led displays from any computer with a web browser, an iPhone or android app, and almost any new internet enabled device. Log on to LED Cloud at to create a demo account and test drive it for yourself. What is the LED Cloud App Platform? We built our software in the cloud for a few reasons. Among them are accessibility and convenience, usability and others. Probably the most compelling though is content. By networking every display we’ve manufactured, we’re creating an entirely new experience for users but most importantly, for the audience of our users. LED displays are a marketing medium after all. The app platform is a tool that allows us to create new apps quickly and effectively. It will allow us to keep building in features to augment the experience of using our content management system. Whatever we (or you) can dream up can be built in to the system. Users then select the apps they want, and install them into their account. If they want a feature (an App) excluded, they simply don’t install it. Via the LED Cloud we are able to format and stream content directly to all the displays in our network. The LED Cloud App is the way in which our users create, customize, and use those streams. It is an entirely new vision for what can be done with an outdoor LED display and the content displayed on them. What is this new App? Today we are launching the App platform and with it, our first app. The app is a time and date application. This app just scratches the surface of what an app can do but also fulfills the function of validating the platform and providing a basic feature which outdoor LED displays require. Through the simplicity though, you’ll also notice the customizability and elegance of the content that can be created. Close to 200 fonts can be chosen from. The feature is available now in Demo accounts within the LED Cloud. Trying is understanding, so log in to your free LED Cloud account today and test it! Future Apps which we will be releasing in the near term include a weather forecast app which will provide live updating weather forecasts to our outdoor LED displays and a countdown timer app which will be able to draw customer’s attention to time sensitive issues and events. Stay tuned for updates!