Countdown App Added

Cirrus today added a countdown timer to the LED Cloud. It is available on the App platform within LED Cloud and is available to all Cirrus users free of charge. Here is the description from LED Cloud: The Countdown Timer App is a fantastic way to draw attention to your display by highlighting a time-critical event or deadline for your viewers! The app can be configured to a variety of different settings and styles making it both robust and easy to use. Let your audience know when a sale starts or ends, a sporting event begins, your store opens or anything else you can dream up. Simply enter the finish date and time in the app settings and let LED Cloud take care of the rest! Positioning and format settings allow the app to fit your display the way you want. This is a full slide app and can be added to any of your playlists with just a couple clicks! With this App you'll be able to: Display a live countdown until a specified event. Customize countdown settings to fit the format and style of your choice. Label the countdown any way you see fit! Customize the countdown format. For example, choose to display or not display seconds in your countdown in addition to a number of other features. Use Countdown timer to draw your customer's attention to time sensitive events and spur them to action!