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Stock Ticker App Added

16 mm

A Stock Ticker App has been added to the LED Cloud. It is available on the App platform within LED Cloud and is available to all Cirrus users free of charge. Here is the description from LED Cloud: The Stock Ticker App allows you to bring Wall Street to your LED Display from anywhere! Configure this app and add it to your playlist in minutes providing a way to display securities of your choice in limitless configurations. The app allows you to display a company’s name, their stock symbol, and the last price it was traded at along with the percentage change for the day.Choose between showing one security or multiple. The content will show on your display one company at a time and move through the entire list of companies you picked. With this App you'll be able to: Stream securities pricing directly to your display as the trading day progresses. Customize the look by changing the size and location of the securities information that you choose to display on your LED screen. Choose how many securities to monitor and display at any given time. Use the Stock Ticker App to stay up to date on Market conditions!
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