The Weather App is Live

At Cirrus we often get inquiries for temperature probes from our customers. Not only it is a standard item in the LED display world but in many municipalities, displaying the temperature is considered a public service and may therefore be required by a municipality before a sign permit is issued for the install of an LED display in the first place. With traditional LED displays, there is a large cable jutting out the side of the display which runs down to an even larger round pyramid of concentric metal pieces. The metal is there as a heat sink to try and deal with the variations in temperature that come from a temp probe being in direct sunlight or not. While not all that accurate, they do their best. With so much innovation going into a Cirrus LED display, we decided to streamline this process. We built LED Cloud and the N2 system to handle the most advance content management system and functionality you can have with an LED display. It's is a system that gets better and better every day as we continue to add new features. Today’s feature is our humble answer to the temp probe. It’s the Cirrus Weather App. The user simply enters a zip code, and the app will continuously download and update accurate weather information from the national weather service. Not only does it display temperatures, but it also provides a graphic showing current conditions just like you’d see on a web based weather forecast. This app is completely free. We will be releasing a more advanced version which will be offered as a premium app. That upcoming app will allow weather forecasts to be displayed, including highs and lows, in addition to a number of other customizable data points.