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N2 LED System Now 20% More Efficient

We're happy to announce that recent enhancements to the N2's power system have resulted in a 20% decrease in power consumption. Cirrus recently implemented a revision to the N2’s power system. The exciting alteration served to decrease power consumption across all models by a factor of over 20% relative to the previous version. N2 was already the market leader in power consumption, using close to half the power of comparable systems. This new revision cements Cirrus’s lead in the category and is further proof of their commitment to perpetual product improvement. Previously, for 19mm, 12.7mm and 9.5mm models, the N2 was consuming a maximum of 36.4, 33.8, and 39.1 watts respectively on a per square foot basis. Those numbers have been revised to 28.7 watts for the 19mm, 26.9 watts for the 12.7mm and 29.1 watts for the 9.5mm since the system upgrade representing a power savings of well over 20%. Click here to see the updated Datasheet. More efficient displays run cooler and last longer. By producing a greener product, Cirrus produces a better product. It is one that will last longer, and save our customers significant dollars on their utility bills. Continue to follow this news section for future product enhancements and releases.
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