New LED Cloud Features

Cirrus Systems has added new LED Cloud features, including the highly requested Copy Playlist feature and new Slide Transitions. All New Slide Transitions LED Cloud has all new Slide Transitions available in the Slides Editor. From Kaleidoscope transitions to 3D Cubes, your playlists will dazzle viewers with twenty six different effects at your fingertips. transition_cube_downNew Transition - Cube - The Cube transition gives a three dimensional feel by rotating slides on the surface of a cube. transition_slide_rightNew Transition - Slide - The Slide transition swipes existing slides away revealing the next one underneath. transition_kaleidoscopeNew Transition - Kaleidoscope - The Kaleidoscope transition pixelates the slide into view on a diagonal plane. transition_shuttersNew Transition - Blinds - The Blinds transition turns the slide into window shutters which open revealing the following slide underneath. Copying Playlists From One Display to Another Creating Playlists in LED Cloud is easy and intuitive, but now Cirrus has made it even easier by adding the new “Transfer Playlist” function! You can move playlists between displays, or copy playlists to multiple displays of the same dimensions in just a few mouse clicks. To move or copy a playlist, simply select the desired playlist and click the Transfer Playlist button (circled green in the screenshot below). Then pick the destination display name and choose copy or move from the Transfer type drop down menu, then click Transfer. transfer_playlist_snapshot Once your playlist is copied over to the desired display, you can modify each individual slide, add apps and widgets or leave it unchanged. Playlists are independent, so changes to one will not affect others. Your playlists are now ready to be scheduled.