Scrolling Text App Now Available

The Scrolling Text App is now available to all Cirrus users through the LED Cloud App Market! Make your words stand out with our new Scrolling Text App! Capture your audience’s attention by animating sports scores, bouncing lottery numbers and sliding word puzzles. Customized controls allow you to adjust scrolling speeds and text direction. Personalize your announcements with unique fonts from the vast Cirrus Font library and color palate. Enhance it further by modifying the font size, weight, letter spacing, line height, orientation and padding from top or left. There are three Scrolling Text configuration options: * Full Slides - create scrolling text over the full width of the canvas. * Widgets - display continuously scrolling text throughout a playlist. * Gadgets - are new to the App market. Read on to find out more about what they are and how they work. Slide Gadget - All new to our App Market Gadgets overlay scrolling text on an existing slide for its duration in a playlist. The Gadget feature was inspired by wanting custom image backgrounds on Widgets. The Gadget not only works over custom backgrounds, it also enables the user to display personalized scrolling text in a predefined field for the duration of the slide. You can now have the Golden Gate Bridge as your background with Giants’ latest game scores scrolling across the slide. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!