Enhance Your Workouts

This new app is developed exclusively for the professionals at The Club by George Foreman III. This application is available for trainers and other users at The Club. The visually enhanced countdown timer assists your workouts during interval training, robust cardio exercise, and other fitness routines designed by professionals and trainers themselves. The app is available on LED Cloud and can easily be implemented on your N2 display system, which can also be controlled by any iPhone from any location. Simply log on to your LED Cloud account and install it from the App Market. With The Club by GFIII, users can select specified 60 or 30 second rest time, toggle between a 2 or 3 minute workout intervals, and view the duration time remaining in their workout. you can also start, stop, and reset your timer on your iPhone mobile device during a fitness session. This app is designed exclusively for members of The Club to make workouts more exciting and engaging. The Club by GFIII Live app was created to meet the specific requirements of the professionals at The Club, Boston's newest fitness phenomenon. After exchanging the ideas and drawing up a prototype, Cirrus tailored the app to meet the needs of this unique customer request. While most display manufacturers lack the infrastructure or technical capabilities, Cirrus was able to create a turnkey bespoke solution to bring the vision of The Club to life. Contact a Cirrus representative today to learn what we can do for you and your customers!

iPad Accessibility and Display Sync

Display Synchronization is now available in the LED Cloud Apps for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices. Cirrus also added iPad compatibility for all Cirrus users! Interact with your Cirrus display from any location and on any device with the ultimate in accessibility and convenience. Enhance communication with your customers in a more efficient manor with the latest release of the Cirrus LED Cloud app. With LED Cloud, you can seamlessly edit and manipulate your N2 displays through Android and iOS devices. The Display Synchronization feature has now been added to allow you to sync the content of your N2 displays on the go. This increases productivity as all Cirrus users can now easily update their N2 systems multiple ways. To expand accessibility, Cirrus LED Cloud is also now supported on the iPad! This exciting new addition to LED Cloud offers the increased freedom to configure your LED displays on additional devices.

Sign & Digital Graphics Magazine

Cirrus LED Systems is in the September 2013 issue of Sign & Digital Graphics Magazine. Sign & Digital Graphics Magazine is the most widely read publication in the industry of visual communications. The magazine offers a variety of headlines covering the signage industry and digital graphics professionals. Sign & Digital Graphics Magazine provides “comprehensive professional coverage on all aspects of commercial signage, commercial graphics production, electric LED-based signage and letter systems, architectural signage, electronic digital displays, vehicle wraps and much more." Read the Sign & Digital Graphics Magazine today, and check out their September 2013 issue that features Cirrus LED Systems at the NBM Show in Long Beach, CA. The excerpt highlights the NBM Show and covers our presentation of the N2 modular LED-display panel and frame system. The Sign & Digital Graphics website also features our Cloud-Based LED Systems in their videos section. Check out SD&G Magazine’s executive editor Ken Mergentime as he talks to Edward Urlik of IEC Interstate Electric and David Rycyna of Cirrus Systems about their cloud-based technology for LED displays.

News Feed App Now Available

The News Feed App is now available to all Cirrus users through the LED Cloud App Market! Allow the newly launched News Feed App to publish a variety of consistently updated headlines you choose on your N2 System! Your customers will be provided real time information with easy accessibility. Simply choose a category and customize its style, color, and positioning. Configure your own news feed and share them by adding it to your playlist within minutes! Like our Scrolling Text App, you are able to engage with your customers in a classic, yet distinguishable manner. Personalize and customize your news feed by using the given controls to adjust personal preference. Add the personalized preferences to your playlist and witness your News Feed App provide entertaining real time headlines to your N2 display! Overview:The News Feed App is dynamic and always keeps your viewers' eyes on the display! It adds a pop of color, personal configurations, and engaging content to your N2 System. Configuring your News Feed App is provided with drop down menu tools for quick and easy applications. Configuration Types: The app is available in full slide app or as a playlist widget. News Feed Options: Choose news origin/location, category, and subcategory. Animation Options: Choose behavior, time interval, and number of news to display. Show Options: Configure published time and news source. Style Options: Configure font family, font size, font weight, letter spacing and height among multiple categories: Global, News Title, Published Time, and News Source. Position Settings: Arrange styles with corresponding options: horizontal positioning and padding spacing. Color Settings: Configure background display and text colors with the provided drop down color palette.