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News Feed App Now Available

The News Feed App is now available to all Cirrus users through the LED Cloud App Market! Allow the newly launched News Feed App to publish a variety of consistently updated headlines you choose on your N2 System! Your customers will be provided real time information with easy accessibility. Simply choose a category and customize its style, color, and positioning. Configure your own news feed and share them by adding it to your playlist within minutes! Like our Scrolling Text App, you are able to engage with your customers in a classic, yet distinguishable manner. Personalize and customize your news feed by using the given controls to adjust personal preference. Add the personalized preferences to your playlist and witness your News Feed App provide entertaining real time headlines to your N2 display! Overview:The News Feed App is dynamic and always keeps your viewers' eyes on the display! It adds a pop of color, personal configurations, and engaging content to your N2 System. Configuring your News Feed App is provided with drop down menu tools for quick and easy applications. Configuration Types: The app is available in full slide app or as a playlist widget. News Feed Options: Choose news origin/location, category, and subcategory. Animation Options: Choose behavior, time interval, and number of news to display. Show Options: Configure published time and news source. Style Options: Configure font family, font size, font weight, letter spacing and height among multiple categories: Global, News Title, Published Time, and News Source. Position Settings: Arrange styles with corresponding options: horizontal positioning and padding spacing. Color Settings: Configure background display and text colors with the provided drop down color palette.
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