Clear Text Editor Released

Cirrus just launched a new text editor that maximizes text clarity! LED Cloud was designed with freedom and usability in mind.Our original text editor was a personification of that. Any text could be placed in any location and in any format within the slide editor. Users aren’t restricted to strict guidelines. That functionality works great for larger displays where there are a large number of pixels to spread the text across. What about the user who has a 1’ X 5’ 19mm pitch display that he or she wants to use to display a few lines of text as clearly as possible given the relatively small size of the display? Introducing Clear Text Clear text is an add-on feature to the slide editor.It is its own separate text editor. Large and small versions of our clearest font were created to maximize the amount of text that could be clearly displayed on a display. Clear text works by snapping the specially created text to a grid that is overlaid on the slide editor. The grid is dynamically generated based on the size of the display, the pitch, and therefore the overall resolution. By snapping to the grid the text locks on to individual pixels, making sure those pixels are lit completely and the surrounding pixels are off for ultimate contrast. The grid concept that we have created allows us to give users the ability to fully customize their text and its placement, like with our original text editor, while allowing for the resulting message to be displayed crisply and perfectly on users LED display. Log in to your LED Cloud account today ( and move to the Slide Editor within the Slides tab to try out the new feature.