Font Options Added to ClearText Editor

Today Cirrus released new font types and sizes, augmenting the latest feature, ClearText Editor, to enhance display customization even further! In pursuit of our goal of making LED Cloud the easiest and most robust content management system available, Cirrus has added more features to the ClearText Editor giving users more options to freely design the content on their display. Now, instead of the single option of either large or small clear fonts, we have enabled multiple clear text font types and sizes . With these added features, users are now able to choose from a list of either 'small', 'medium', and 'large', size fonts that make it easier to select texts that are fit for your display. In addition to the font sizes, there are different font type families available listed under each font size allowing users to more suitably personalize their display. What do the font names mean under the ClearText Font dropdown list? Let's take Clear Font 7_1 for example: The first number, 7, is the pixel count in height, while the second number, 1, is the design type. We provide two buttons, "normal" and "double". Each font can be of normal size or double the pixel size. In this case, choose "normal" to create a text with a pixel height of 7. Or choose "double" size to create a text with a pixel height of 14. Log in to your LED Cloud account today ( and navigate to the Slide Editor within the Slides tab to see all the new fonts now available under the ClearText Editor.