New Video Feature Added

LED Cloud received a huge upgrade today with the addition of our video upload feature. We are also introducing our latest product line, Blade. Add Video to your LED Cloud Playlist Videos can now be added to a playlist just as simply as any still image. Try the feature out today by going to the slides tab within LED Cloud and clicking to "Add a Slide". This means not only can videos be added to streaming on-line content, they can be stored as part of offline playlists to be recalled in the event that a display loses internet connection. It is recommended that video be created to match the pixel matrix of your display, however, videos of any size can be uploaded and LED Cloud will scale the video to fit perfectly on the display. Videos can be uploaded in MP4 format. [video_lightbox_youtube video_id="9rAe1gke3Xw" width="640" height="480" anchor="Click here see the video."] With the introduction of a new video feature comes the release of a brand new video! The video is the new logo animation for Blade. Blade is Cirrus's latest product line, a 1' X 2' value priced display system. The system comes complete with a standard 5 year warranty and runs LED Cloud so users can enjoy all the benefits that they have come to expect from Cirrus! For more information about Blade or to learn about the new video feature, available now in LED Cloud, call Cirrus today at 877.636.2331.