Baby It’s Cold Outside

Zone Radio in Bangor, ME This beautiful picture of Zone Radio’s sign in the middle of a blizzard is a sight worthy of a winter wonderland. Proving that not only Cirrus LED signs can be eye catching and a charming part of the landscape but can also resist harsh conditions, like extreme temperatures. Despite the -15 degree weather, life goes on for the citizens on beautiful Bangor, Maine and so do our signs. Our LED displays are completely weatherproof and sealed with no fans or moving parts to ensure reliability and durability no matter the conditions. Zone Radio, with stations like WKIT 100.3 -the radio station owned by Larry King and his wife-, WZLO, Maine’s premier adult alternative station and WZON The Pulse AM 620 is one the leading radios in this frosty city and relies on Cirrus LED to announce it to all the passers-by.