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Who doesn’t love the 21st Century?

What do walkmans, rotary dial telephones, and using a ladder to change your billboard all have in common? We waved goodbye to them in the 20th Century and hopefully they won’t come back. We all know - or at least can guess- that the most important innovations in the 21st Century have been in the technology field. The world has changed radically, we now use iPods, can’t live without our smart phones, and keep tabs on our friends and business associates through Facebook, Linkedin and other social media sites. Still, in our opinion, the biggest change in the past decade and a half has been the broad implementation of cloud computing. Few people understand what this “cloud” is, but many of us know that it allows us to access our information and files from any computer, mobile or internet enabled device. We upload these files in this “cloud” and they are magically available for us next time we need them - anywhere we are- with just the push of a button. Our lives have become so much easier in the past fifteen years. So why many of us continue to use out-dated methods for simple activities that can easily be automated? Remember when you had to go climb a ladder in the rain, blazing sun, or freezing snow to change your outdoor signs? Either manually or, in more modern instances, by changing a USB drive. When was that? A few years back? Last week? Well, no more! Now you can simply update your display from the fantastic “cloud”. Whenever you want to change the content of your Cirrus LED sign you log-in to our proprietary software from your computer, your smart-phone, or your tablet and upload the new text or images from wherever you are, just that easy. If you catch yourself looking out the window watching the snow-fall and dreading the climb to change your marquee letters, give us a call.
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