Updating Content on Your LED Sign is No Joke

Here at Cirrus we’re always up for a good laugh and are thrilled whenever our cartoon designer sends a comic with the ink still drying. Risky Business Some LED sign owners have to deal with changing their content using a USB stick each time they want to change images or text. Considering that many signs are mounted several feet in the air, either right off the highway or in other dangerous/inaccessible places, there's nothing entertaining in the thought of an LED sign user climbing a ladder and risking serious injury. If you're in the market for an LED display, this is one of many things to consider before purchasing yours. Luckily here at Cirrus all our software is cloud based, so you'll never have to worry about sign height or weather conditions while changing the content in the comfort of your office or home.

New “Video Background” Feature Added to the LED Cloud

We are excited today at Cirrus Systems! The new video background feature is live on the LED Cloud. What does that mean? Our customers can now log in to their LED Cloud account and spiff up their signs with cool animated backgrounds, all with the click of a mouse. Creating a video file formatted to fit the size of your LED sign can be cumbersome and many users simply don’t have the time or the ability to do so. That’s why our friendly software developers have come to help. Our users can now take advantage of LED Cloud's new video capabilities and display a more eye catching, dynamic message to potential clients. Now available are six pre-made, pre-formatted video backgrounds that are readily accessible from the LED Cloud library. These background animations will work online and offline. Video background Choose between the American or the Canadian flag, flying clovers, floating hearts, falling snowflakes, or animated circles to easily create cool backdrops for your display. Then, select the font that reflects the style you want to achieve and type your message into the text editor. If you need to, change the color, border, or position of the text within the screen. Voila, now you have you have the message you want with an amazing video background. Want to display your patriotism, show your customers your love, or tell them they should warm themselves up in your shop? Select different backgrounds for different times of the day or days of the week. Take advantage of how easy it is to change the background and surprise the passersby with something new and impactful. Of course, you are not limited by the video backgrounds we provide, you can still upload your own mp4 videos to use in the background if you prefer! Be on the look-out for additions to the video background library as they will be updated periodically.

Reader Boards vs. Outdoor LED Displays

The evolution of signage has reached a point of drastic change. The old style of sign, known as a reader board or marquee, is giving way to programmable digital sign boards that are more convenient, efficient, and attractive. In today’s fast paced life-style, LED displays are becoming dominant especially as technology decreases overall sign manufacturing cost and increases ease of use. A Brief History of Reader Board Signs or Marquees The reader board or marquee sign originated in America in the early 20th century. During that time, cars were growing in prevalence and importance. The fact that many of the people who passed in front of a store or theater were now in cars meant that business owners and marketers needed a new strategy to advertise what was on sale, who was starring in a show, and other messages. Everyone soon realized that the automobile was there to stay and that they needed to make it easier for these potential customers see their messages. Thus the marquee was born . A theater could put the names of shows and movies out on this type sign where it would jut out over the sidewalk and be close to the street. Marquee_Sign-1They were also attractive with their lights drawing a lot of attention. As time went by, businesses knew they had hit a home run with marquees as they were easy to use and could communicate information effectively. Consequently, these signs lost their tight association with theaters as convenience stores, churches, motels and other businesses all over the world began to use them. Early Beginnings of LED signs Outdoor LED display signs are a relatively new innovation in signage. Their closest ancestor is the neon sign (which appeared several decades after the marquee). Neon signs are certainly bright and eye-catching, but the gases inside are generally not safe to handle directly. A neon sign is also difficult and expensive to change and are significantly less versatile than a marquee because they are fixed in design. Outdoor LED video displays are the next step in sign evolution. Inexpensive light emitting diodes (LEDs) have changed all kinds of display technologies in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. It is now possible to modify the display of these signs using a computer or smartphone. Moreover, they can do more than just show letters and numbers; they can display images which creative managers and advertisers can exploit to their advantage. LED displays combine the versatility of marquee signs with the glow of neon. Outdoor electronic signs provide great value for their cost when considering all they can accomplish for a business owner. The Pros and Cons of LED signs vs. Reader Board Signs While reader board signs and marquees have been a prominent part of the signage business for decades, they can no longer match the power of outdoor LED displays. The one advantage that marquees had over the neon signs was that they were relatively easy to change. However, LED displays are now even easier to manage than marquees. With a modern display, it is simple to change the screen’s message using a smartphone, tablet, or computer. This is useful in a variety of situations. For example, if you need to change the sign in bad weather, you can stay indoors and simply use a computer.Changing-Marquee-with-Pole If you want to change it remotely, you can now pull out your smartphone and change the message in seconds. To change a marquee, it is necessary to get up on a ladder and change every single letter or number by hand or pole (a process that usually take a movie theater an hour depending on how many new movies have been released). Furthermore, the hardware for LED display’s prices are competitive or, in some instances, less expensive than marquee signs factoring in the price of labor to change the sign over several years. Ease of Use with an LED Sign Creative use of an outdoor programmable LED sign is quite easy with modern displays. Network cloud technology means that you can use almost anything that can connects to the internet to change a sign’s message. The most modern displays come with mobile apps for updating content hourly, or daily using advanced scheduling. Many stores require updating messages on a frequent basis. For example, the price of gas changes every day. An owner of a gas station with a marquee sign needs to manually change the price maybe multiple times a day to keep them accurate. On the other hand, if they had an LED display, it would be the work of a minute to obtain the latest prices and update them at anytime. If necessary, the owner could set a schedule for content that will run during the week at set times. The Future of Signage While the old style of the marquee sign still holds plenty of charm due to its connection to show business and the early decades of the 20th century, the LED display type has more advantages in terms of convenience and versatility. It might be worth using a marquee to capture a certain old-school feel, but an LED display will be a much more convenient option in all situations hands down. This is particularly true for store owners who want to display prices, sales, images, and video on their signs. In terms of electronic sign cost, these signs are well worth the money. The price for LED outdoor signs has now become affordable and inexpensive enough to make them a great value that will continue to bring in business for years to come. Download the PDF copy of this article

Press Release: Introducing the Ground-breaking Solo System

LED Cloud News Feed AppPRLog - March 11, 2015 - EAST BAY, Calif. -- Cirrus Systems announces the official launch of it’s new monochrome LED display system Solo. Cirrus' goal designing Solo was clear: to make the benefits of owning an LED sign accessible to everyone. After rigorous development, the company succeeded in producing lower cost panels without sacrificing quality, sign durability, or LED lifespan. Read the Complete Press Release on PRlog Download the Press Release Here

Solo LED Display Giveaway

Solo Giveaway2Cirrus Systems just launched it’s revolutionary new Solo System: a monochrome LED display that plays video, images, and text. To celebrate and give back to the community, we are giving away 16 Solo ICE panels, or a 32 sq ft sign, to a single non-profit organization that YOU nominate. That’s almost $9,000 value towards your favorite cause! This high quality LED-sign will make any non-profit organization stand-out and allow them to easily communicate their message with their audience and passersby. Part of the Solo system, [video_lightbox_youtube video_id="849xyjV06lY" width="100%" height="auto" anchor="Solo ICE"] is an ingeniously designed monochrome LED panel. The 15mm pixel pitch system plays video, images, and text, all in an innovative white color which makes the sign’s messages eye-catching, slick, and modern. Cirrus Systems will hold the drawing on April 15th and ship the lucky winner 16 Solo ICE Panels and one Cirrus Solo Controller which will allow the organization to change their content online at anytime with LED Cloud. Nominate a non-profit organization today. To learn more about the Solo System, visit our Solo Page.

Introducing the Ground-Breaking Solo System

SOLO-Ice-Board-w-logoWe’re excited to announce the launch of our new, monochrome LED display: the Solo System. This new display system was designed with small businesses in mind: create a great looking, high quality, outdoor LED display at an ultra-affordable price. After rigorous development, our engineers succeeded in producing lower cost panels without sacrificing any of the quality that Cirrus Systems is known for. It’s less expensive than text-only, run-of-the-mill LED signs. Yet, it’s a class above it’s competitors in terms of features and capabilities as it plays video, images, and text without any software to install.
“Guided by our principle of designing products smarter to make them more affordable, I believe we have achieved that with Solo. For any organization, large or small, the goal is to get their message out to the public and do it cost effectively. Solo's about focusing on what's important for the end user: a high quality system that will look incredible and personify their organization and their brand the right way. We know you'll enjoy not only seeing it, but using it as well for years to come." ~David Rycyna, CEO
The Solo System comes in two vivid colors: The timeless red of the Solo FIRE for $221.50 (per sq ft): Or the cutting- edge white of Solo ICE for $249.50 (per sq ft): No more waiting on quotes! For the first time you can purchase a Cirrus LED System online available now on Amazon.com.