New “Video Background” Feature Added to the LED Cloud

We are excited today at Cirrus Systems! The new video background feature is live on the LED Cloud. What does that mean? Our customers can now log in to their LED Cloud account and spiff up their signs with cool animated backgrounds, all with the click of a mouse. Creating a video file formatted to fit the size of your LED sign can be cumbersome and many users simply don’t have the time or the ability to do so. That’s why our friendly software developers have come to help. Our users can now take advantage of LED Cloud's new video capabilities and display a more eye catching, dynamic message to potential clients. Now available are six pre-made, pre-formatted video backgrounds that are readily accessible from the LED Cloud library. These background animations will work online and offline. Video background Choose between the American or the Canadian flag, flying clovers, floating hearts, falling snowflakes, or animated circles to easily create cool backdrops for your display. Then, select the font that reflects the style you want to achieve and type your message into the text editor. If you need to, change the color, border, or position of the text within the screen. Voila, now you have you have the message you want with an amazing video background. Want to display your patriotism, show your customers your love, or tell them they should warm themselves up in your shop? Select different backgrounds for different times of the day or days of the week. Take advantage of how easy it is to change the background and surprise the passersby with something new and impactful. Of course, you are not limited by the video backgrounds we provide, you can still upload your own mp4 videos to use in the background if you prefer! Be on the look-out for additions to the video background library as they will be updated periodically.