LED Digital Advertising Billboard, A Whole Different Board

Recently, we wrote an article about why LED electronic message centers are such an effective form of advertising for businesses. Since then, we have been asked about the benefits of owning and advertising on an LED digital billboard. Vertical and cropped Tire SaleThe difference between digital advertising billboards and electronic message centers (sometimes also called electronic message boards) is sometimes blurry, we know. Still, most sign savvy people would agree that while the LED display itself is the same, it’s the purpose of it that differentiates them. EMCs (Electronic message centers) provide on-site advertising, while billboards provide off-site advertising. In other words, an EMC is an indoor or outdoor LED advertising sign (of any size) owned by a business and placed within the premises of their establishment to advertise their brand or products on it. On the other hand, a billboard is a large outdoor advertising sign placed along a high traffic road, intending to capture the attention of cars and pedestrians to promote products and brands from companies that have paid the billboard owner an advertising fee. Some of the advantages of advertising in an EMC and a digital billboard remain the same: The ability to catch passersby attention; people can’t change channels or flip the page on a billboard. Still, it stands to reason, that many advantages will be different.027.Cow Palace LED Board small Companies can use billboards to send messages to people in key geographic areas, instead of just in the premises of their business. Viewers attention is held captive, they are watchful of their surroundings, especially if there is traffic.It’s impossible to miss the large advertising roadside billboard signs, making them a great tool for increasing brand awareness. People will notice the billboard whether they like it or not. In a study made by Arbitron Digital, 84% of the respondents said that billboards are informative, 85% said that they are useful for travelers, and 82% said that they help businesses attract customers. The advantages of owning a billboard are quite obvious when looking at the advertising revenues. While a static billboard represents less upfront cost, an LED dynamic billboard offers an average of six ad slots at any particular time. Moreover, LED dynamic signboards offer advertisers the possibility of placing more modern, eye-catching, crispier ads. The increases in revenue significantly offsets the upfront cost. Also, with software, like our LED Cloud, one can easily update content from a computer, phone, or tablet. Advertisers don’t need to wait long periods of time for their ads to be designed, printed, and installed, and new advertisers can quickly be added to the queue. Ultimately, the unique purpose of each one of these type of LED signs introduces new considerations and factors, making them different enough that the industry decided it need a “whole different” name. The goals of a billboard owner are different than those of an EMC owner, so the benefits they derive of them should be different; one wants more advertising revenue, the other one wants higher sales. Still, in the end, the fact still stands that LED Signs - in which ever form- increase profit. And even if the billboard owner doesn’t directly benefit from the advertising advantages that an LED display offers, they are key selling points when talking to potential advertisers and as such, equally important to them. So, in the end, whether it’s a billboard or an EMC the key advantages of a good LED sign prevail: Higher revenues, brand awareness, flexibility, and a large, captive, geographically-targeted audience.