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The Truth Behind LED Display Sizes

Most industries have regulations and standardization to control how companies market the specifications of their products. If someone walks into a store to buy a TV or a computer, they expect all the screen sizes to be measured in the same way; One expects a 50 inch TV to have the same monitor size as any other 50 inch TV. With LED displays, however, there is no such standardization and companies feel free to market their products any way they want. So the active LED display area between two LED signs that are quoted as the same size might be different. If you are surprised or asking yourself how can that be, you should continue reading. Back to our TV analogy, anybody would be very angry- and rightfully so- if they asked for a 50 inch TV and they were offered one with a 40 inch display area. Meanwhile, another screen was available with a 50 inch display but both claimed to be 50 inch TV’s. Yet, when an LED manufacturer gives a quote for a 4’ sign with an LED display that is just 3’ and says it’s comparable to a different sign with a 4’ LED display, nobody bats an eye. It’s common knowledge that to determine the size of a TV screen, the standard is to measure the length of it’s diagonal - from one end to the opposite end of the display, in the manner displayed in this picture. Any customer would be outraged if someone offered them the old cabinet TV on the picture and claimed that it’s size was determined by the length of the diagonal from one end of the cabinet to the opposite end of the cabinet. This is standard practice in the LED manufacturing industry. Commonly companies use the size of their cabinets to quote the size of their LED signs. To get a clear understanding of the difference, we analyzed a quote from one of the major brands in the market side by side with a Cirrus quote. Take a look at the spreadsheet below, the results are impressive. Click on the image below to expand the quote analysis. Both companies submitted a quote for a 4’ high by 6’ wide LED Sign. Our competitor offered a 20 mm RGB product, while we offered our 19 mm Full Color Blade LED System. When just looking at the bottom line Cirrus comes out a little more expensive - $15,901 for the Blade System, $15,269 for our competitors product. Still, the question here remains, are we comparing apples to apples or are we comparing a 40 inch with a 50 inch TV? When analyzing the size of the LED sign of our competitor, we can see that they are in fact quoting the measurement of the cabinet as the size of their LED signboard. How much difference can a cabinet frame make? To find out, we calculated the exact measurements of the LED boards for both signs. It turns out that the real size of the major brand LED display is only 3’ 2” high by 5’ 3” wide, in other words, there is only 16.5 Sq. Ft. of active display area, considering there are 24 Sq. Ft in a 4’ high by 6’ wide matrix, that is over 30% less square footage. That means our competitor is offering their product at $925.40 per Sq. Ft. of display, while Cirrus is offering it’s Blade LED System at $662.54 per Sq. Ft. of display, almost a 30% less. Not only that, but Cirrus LED Systems is quoting a 19 mm panel while the major brand is offering a 20 mm board. That means that the Cirrus LED display has 2304 more LED diodes than the competitor’s. If the competitor's panel has 3,840 LED diodes and we have 6,144 that means our sign has 60% more LED diodes (6,144*100/3,840). In end, if we go down to the minimum common denominator and compare the cost per LED diode in both brands, Cirrus comes out close to $1.50 cheaper per LED diode, that is almost 40% less per LED light. Ultimately, when comparing LED signs one has to be aware of the different terminologies used in the industry and the lack of conventions and standards. No-one would like to be sold a 40 inch TV with the claim that is a 50 inch, likewise, no-one should accept a quote for a 16.5 Sq. Ft. LED sign with the claim that is a 24 Sq. Ft. LED sign. ------- TV pictures courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net
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