7 Great Things to Look for in Your LED Display Software

One thing that is often overlooked when deciding which LED display manufacturer to buy from is the software that controls the sign. Most digital marquees come with a free, pre-installed LED display software and without it, LED display screens can’t run. Yet, the better and more user-friendly that the LED display software is, the easier it will be to create and modify eye catching messages for your new electronic marquee sign. Preview, Create, ScheduleBuying from a sign manufacturer that provides a high-quality software can be the difference between a successful LED advertising display and one that fails to attract new customers. A good LED display software will allow you to easily produce professional quality images and videos. And a user-friendly interface will let you to effortlessly create schedules, offline playlists, and change your message, giving your business the flexibility it needs to make your programmable message board the most effective form of advertising. On the other hand, ineffective and complicated LED display software will make creating and uploading images and videos hard. Like anything that is difficult, people will try to avoid it and that will result in a digital marquee with a boring, simple sign that never gets updated and as such fails to attract new customers and increase sales. So, what makes an LED display software great? Here are some things ask from the sign manufacturer at the time of evaluating which electronic marquee to buy.
  1. Is it free and pre-installed?
  2. Make sure it comes with the electronic message board and it doesn’t require any extra-fees or monthly licenses.
  3. What happens when the LED display software gets updated?
  4. You need to make sure that you can take advantage of any new features the company develops. Will the new updates be compatible with your older signs? Will this updates be free? How will you get those updates? Will you be required to download something from the web or get a new CD mailed to you to install the new LED display program? Or do they have a cloud based LED display software, meaning, the software updates itself automatically when you log-in?
  5. Is it user friendly?
  6. You should request a Demo and see how easy (or hard) it is to manipulate and create new content and preview it in the console. led cloud logo
  7. Which devices can you use to update your digital marquee?
  8. Most LED displays’ software is only compatible with PCs. You might want to explore the flexibility of a platform and device agnostic solution. The Cirrus LED display Cloud Software not only allows you to update your content from your Mac and PC but, also from your Apple or Android phone or tablet.
  9. Which formats does the system allow you to upload?
  10. Make sure the LED display software accepts the formats you are used to handle such as JPEG, PNG, Mp4, etc.
  11. Does it allows scheduling, offline playlists, and other type of playlists?
  12. The ability to reach your audience with the right message at the right time is one of the biggest advantages of an LED sign. This is really important for Electronic Message Boards owners but fundamental for Billboard Advertising. LED Cloud Apps
  13. How large is the LED display software library?
  14. Not only you need to make sure the software’s library offers several fonts and colors, but most LED display programs nowadays have built-in apps, video backgrounds, transitions and shadows, etc. Here at Cirrus LED systems we are very proud of our LED Display Cloud Software and would love a chance to answer any question you might have. So, feel free to call us at 1.877.636.2331 or email us sales@cirrusled.com for your free Demo.