Will The Advances on LED Cloud Software Change Customer Support Forever?

Last time we discussed the seven things that make for the best LED message board software in the market. This week, we want to focus on the customer service aspect of our powerful Cirrus LED Cloud Software.This web-based software not only allows the sign owner not to worry about installing updates, which device to use to modify their playlist, or how to update the content in the sign. Acrylic Sign vs EMC Comic #1_web It also gives us, the sign manufacturer, a powerful tool; our cloud LED software can remotely diagnose problems with your LED sign and allows us to fix them from afar. This saves the sign-owner and the sign-shop grief, time, and money. All Cirrus LED systems come with our powerful Cirrus LED Cloud web-based software that allows us to diagnose and fix problems on any Cirrus LED system. No need to send the LED panel back or send someone to repair the LED Sign. Go-Green-With-CirrusThe customer support console in the Cloud LED software comes loaded with messages, and logs that notify our agents of which problems you LED sign has and allows them to solve it for you. These are some of the things we can remotely diagnose for you:
  • Temperature of each individual LED panel in a sign: The LED Cloud system constantly monitors the temperature of each panel to make sure none are overheating.

  • No internet connection: A common problem but sometimes hard to detect; our system will let us know if the sign is not able to access the internet. The LED Cloud software allows you to upload an offline playlist to make sure your LED sign still displays content if problems with your internet provider or connection occur

  • Problems with the configuration of your playlist: We can detect if there are problems within your playlist, or if your schedule or your content isn’t configured correctly and help you solve that.

  • Panels are not correctly connected to each other: Our web-based LED system will let us know if any - and which- of the LED panels are not correctly connected to each other.

  • No Data or no power: We can detect problems with the data or the power in each panel. Blade LED panels also has a health indicator light that blinks blue if the panel has power and data. We can also turn off that indicator light at your request.

  • We can detect problems with the different apps installed on your panel.

  • Adjust coloring and brightness problems: The sign doesn’t look quite right? You can give us a call and we can adjust the coloring and brightness for you until you are satisfied that it looks exactly the way you want it.

These are some of the key things that our LED Cloud based Software can solve remotely, saving sign-shops and sign-owners time and money. Do you have a question about the software? Want to learn how it works in-depth? Or want to ask something to our customer support team? Send us a comment below, email us at support@cirrusled.com or call us at any time at 1-877-636-2331.