How to Never Again Lose a Bid on an LED Display Sign

George Foreman Club App LogoFor most shops, selling is the hardest part of the LED signage business. In this day and age, it’s easy for customers to gather great -and sometimes misleading- bits of information on pixel pitch, LED display sign sizes, comparable LED sign quotes, etc. A google search will give them the names of all your competitors and within hours they can collect bids from several sign shops to compare. So how do you make sure that your bid is always the winning one? Here are some tips we collected in the years we have been selling our product.
  • Help your customer: Customers have access to a lot of information, but it can be confusing and misleading. It’s your job to help them sort through the overwhelming data they can find online about LED Systems and digital signage and lead them to the right answer: Your solution, from someone credible that they trust, may be the best one to solve their problem. LED Cloud Stocks App
    Make sure you grasp what the customer really wants to achieve with an LED sign and connect with the emotional component of the sale: What problem do they want to solve? What do they like about LED displays? What does it mean for their business and what impact will it have? You need to truly want to understand your customer’s pain and help them find a solution. Asking the right questions could be the difference between hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales or your prospect going to the competition.

  • Know your product : Establish yourself as an expert. Know your customers questions and objections before they talk to you so you can provide them the right answers. If you know which are the most popular objections, you can make sure to address them in a positive light before they even come up.
    Share relevant information, make them feel comfortable about you and your product.
    Explain for instance how a 4x6 foot borderless product like Cirrus System’s LED display is really comparable to a 5x7 foot sign with a cabinet (read more about that here). Or, how a 10mm virtual pixel pitch LED panel really equals a 20mm true pixel pitch LED sign and how true pixel pitch is a better LED Technology. Tell them how buying cheap chinese LED boards is more expensive in the long run and why warranties and modular designs -like the one Cirrus offers- are important. Let them know how an easy to use LED display software can be the difference between an effective sign and one that resembles a reader board.

  • Choose the right partner: To be able to establish yourself as an expert and win the bid every time, you need to make sure to choose the right partner for the job.
    Four Company Price Per PixelChoose an LED manufacturer that provides a great -and affordable- product. Thereby allowing you to offer your customer the best bang for their buck while being back up by a professional team ready to answer your questions and help you when needed. At Cirrus you can contact us anytime by phone : 1.877.636.2331 or email .
    The right partner should provide training and supporting materials: Visit our resources sections to download guides, specs and articles or request our flyers and packages by mail or do a live webinar software training.

In summation, if you do your research and know your customer, your product and your partner, you will be leaps and bounds in front of the competition. Armed with this knowledge, you should be able to show every prospect why the should choose you over anybody else. ----- *Image Credit: svilen001