6 Tips To Create Compelling Content For Your LED Sign

Outdoor digital signs - or electronic message centers- are the most cost effective form of advertising. With studies proving that as much as 50% of new customers claim to learn about a business due to it’s on-premise sign, it's clear digital outdoor signs increase sales and create awareness. Still, anyone that has tried to design appealing imagery or convey a compelling message within a digital sign’s limited space knows how hard it is. That is why we decided to provide a few pointers that will help you maximize the potential of your LED display. 1.- Keep it short and big I know, easier said than done, but don’t cram your sign with long messages in small fonts. Keep in mind that the font needs to be 12” or bigger for drivers to be able to read them. The good news is that there are several tricks to shorten your messages. Thinking with a computerFirst and foremost, plan ahead, sit down with pen and paper or a computer and type what you want to say, then use different words to convey the same message. Try to come up with at least six different versions of the same idea. Get rid of the three longest sentences and of the ones you have left, choose your favorite and study it. Find ways to shorten it, remove extra adjectives or unnecessary words. Check the discarded sentences, did you use a similar yet shorter word? Did you figure out a way of getting rid of a word or shorten an expression? Don’t use full sentences, nobody expects Dickens in an LED board. “Do you want to have french fries today?” Can easily be replaced with: “Fries Today?” Use symbols: And can be replaced by “&” or “+”, relationships can be expressed with “=” For example: “Monday= Coffee!”, etc. Use images: They are worth a thousand words, aren’t they? lONG MSGAnother powerful tool that LED displays offer is the possibility of using different slides to convey one message. If used correctly, you can build anticipation and make your message not only longer but much more effective. For instance instead of one long message that says “For today only everything with a red tag is 70% off! Hurry the stock is limited.” tODAY ONLYYou can have three slides: Slide one: “Today only!” -- The first slide creates anticipation. What is only happening today? Slide two: “Red Tag = 70% OFF” -- Your customers are rewarded with a valuable message.70off We used “=” to replace an awkward and long sentence. “Hurry! Limited Stock.” -- And now you gave them a sense of urgency, they need to go to your store not only today, but right now or the best things will be gone. The little image with the shopping bags not only makes the sign stand out but helps the customer visualize themselves shopping and reminds them that there is a sale. Limited stock 2.- Contrasting colors, readable fonts, clear pictures Make sure to choose a font that it is easy to read from far away. Remember, you want your LED sign to look nice, slick and modern but if passersby can’t read it, the display is useless. The good news is modern design aims for clean lines, lots of white spaces and simple forms. Use contrasting colors to make your message stand out. Good color combinations are: Black and yellow, black and white, black and orange, black and red, black and magenta, white and blue, white and red, white and green, white and purple, blue and yellow, blue and magenta, red and yellow, yellow and magenta, green and purple, purple and yellow, etc. When choosing images make sure they will look clear and crisp from a distance. 3.-Appeal to your customers emotions: Allow us to wine and dine youMost purchases are impulsive so you need to appeal to your customer emotions; how will the product help them become who they want to be. Don’t list the benefits but tell your customer why they should buy it. “Be your son’s hero”, “Make her fall in love again”, “Have perfect hair”, “Get that date tonight.” Be creative, have fun with your sign! Boring signs are, well…just boring, not memorable. Make your sign funny, interesting, emotional, some people might scoff at it but most people will appreciate it and more important, even the haters will remember it. 4.- Use “You” or “Yours” Your signs will be more powerful if your customers can visualize themselves with the product. Using the words “you” or “yours” will help you with that. Add you to the previous messages “You’ll be your son’s hero”, “You’ll make her fall in love again”, “You’ll have perfect hair”, “You’ll get that date tonight”. See how much more powerful it gets? 5.- Keep it fresh and relevant One of the biggest advantages of LED displays is it’s versatility, the display can be changed easily and one LED sign can display several different slides. Change your message often, use what is happening right now to keep your content fresh and relevant. People stop noticing things that always remain the same. Announce timely sales, celebrate relevant events - cheer for your winning sports team, celebrate the holidays, or congratulate loyal customers on events like weddings or births-, use the weather to your advantage and invite customers to get warm or cool off at your store. 6.- Test, test, test Take advantage of how easy it is to program your LED sign to test, test and test. Test before creating the slide: Use your computer or the slide editor to test different color combinations, fonts, sizes, etc. to see which one works better. Test while you create the slide: You decided on a message, a color scheme, font and imagery and you set it live. You are done, right? Wrong! That is only the beginning. Once the slide is live go to where your customers are, walk or drive around and look at the sign from every possible angle. Does it look right? Is it easy to read? Is the font too small, thin or unreadable? Try to think 7K0A0108how you can improve it, go back to the drawing board and repeat the process until you are satisfied -for now-. Test after you created the slide: Come up with different content and messages and test them. Try one week a set of slides and the next a different set and see if you notice a bigger flow of customers through the door or higher sales of some product. Constantly ask your customers what they think of your content, if they noticed it, what they liked, what they didn’t. It is important to remember an outdoor LED sign is a marketing investment. Yes, you can turn it on and forget about it and it will get customers to your door. Still, if you want to maximize your investment you need to create powerful, relevant displays that attract customers attention and change often enough to keep them on their toes. And if everything else fails, feel free to contact our creative department so they can help you with content creation.