Who is getting ready for the Tri-state Sign Expo?

We are! dress We are excited to announce that we will be attending the 2015 Tri-State Sign Expo. We are getting our gears ready. Nice dresses, Courtney and Siobhan!! And getting plenty of prizes to give to our visitors! So come to say hi and play with us for a chance to win awesome discounts and great Cirrus goodies! Coupon $500 See you there! Find out more about our Systems before hand: The Revolutionary, Best-in-Kind Blade LED Sign System. The Ultra-Affordable, State-of-the-art, Grayscale Solo LED Sign System . The Uber-Flexible and Trendy N2 LED Sign System. May Ad Ninja Girl small Blade background N2 BACKGROUND1

The Art of Fixing An LED Sign Hanging 50 Feet in the Air

Someone asked me the other day, “So, if something happens, how do you fix an LED sign hanging 50 feet above the ground? How do you access the back of the panels or open the cabinet?” I was a little confused. “What do you mean?” I answered. He knew our signs don’t have cabinets! “Well”, he explained, “but many times they are encased in a box. Even when they are mounted only with the frames; How do you access the back of the box or frame to fix them? Do you lift the LED sign? Do you open it to the side?” That’s when it hit me, one of Cirrus LED Systems major competitive advantages but something that rarely gets mentioned:Our LED panels are front-serviceable! And this new partner had no idea! No mystery Our Sales team likes to say that Cirrus takes the mystery out of the LED display. And we often stress the reasons why. We talk about how our Cloud Based LED Content management software, LED Cloud, simplifies the process of updating the display’s message. How it allows the owner to manage the content on it’s LED sign from any device and anywhere. We love to discuss how our modular system makes installing our electronic message centers a breeze and how it allows us to ship our signs 24 hours after being ordered. We sometimes mention how it needs to connect to only one circuit breaker and consumes very low energy. We go on and on about how revolutionary our design is in so many ways and how it simplifies the process of buying, installing, and owning an LED display. We do mention how our sealed modules with no moving parts or fans are weatherproof and a lot more resilient than LED signs designed in old fashioned ways. Still, we normally don’t talk about how our innovative design also makes it much easier to repair. Maybe, is because we don’t have a lot of replacements or because we don’t even want to think of our panels having problems. But, bad things happen even to the best of us, and sometimes our modules do need to be replaced. The good news is that we have a five year replacement warranty, and with our 24 hour lead time, our front and back serviceability and modular design, the process of fixing your LED sign should be even easier than installing it. front serv So, what exactly does front-serviceability mean? It means that you don’t need to access the back of the LED sign to take out an LED module or replace the panel. As the picture shows, you can insert a hex key on the front of the LED board, twist and the panel will unlock. This allows you to pull it forward and disconnect it from the daisy chain. Better yet, the controller also fits within the space of an LED panel, so if you need to access the controller, all you have to do is remove a nearby LED tile and take it out. If there is a problem with a panel, you mail it back to us and we’ll send you a replacement. When you get it, you reinstall it where the original was and, voila, problem fixed. Our signs are also rear serviceable if for some reason is easier for you to access the back of the LED sign. Needless to say, our partner was more than happy with the way I answered his question. “No, you don’t juggle with a flying box fifty feet in the air to access the back of the panels. No need to lift it or slide it to the side, you just get a hex key and easily remove the panel from the front.” What about you? What are your main concerns when buying an LED sign? What is your favorite Cirrus Systems’ feature? Let us know by commenting on this post!

Top Ten Questions Asked by Sign Shops to LED Manufacturers

We are always striving to provide our customers with relevant information about the LED signage industry. So, today, we went to the trenches and asked our Sales Team to tell us which are the most common questions you- the sign shop owner or employee- ask us-the LED Sign Manufacturer-. And here we provide Cirrus Systems’ answers to those frequently asked questions.

1. Is it difficult to install your LED Signs?

So easy a girl can do itNo, Cirrus’ modular design makes it so easy to install and assemble that even a girl can do it! The LED boards easily snap into the frames. After that, connecting the panels is easier than putting together a puzzle. The frames contain a hex head bolt-interlocking system that can be configured into any size or shape quick and easily. A couple of screw driver turns, a push of the lock and you are good to go. If you don’t believe us watch this video. If you still do not want to take the trouble to assemble our signs, for a small fee, we can put it together for you and ship it already assembled. Once the sign is assembled, daisy chain the LED boards and give us a call. We will set everything up remotely with our Cloud based LED software.

2. How do I run content in my sign if I don’t have internet?

Cirrus’ LED systems offer the LED display owner the capability of playing offline playlists. Nevertheless, our LED signs need to be connected to the internet to be set up and to update the playlist or schedule. The sign does not consume a lot of data, just enough to load the information once, so, no exclusive internet connection needs to be available, any internet access can be used. If the end user doesn’t have internet for their business, we would recommend them to talk to an internet provider to set up a connection, they are very affordable these days. Notwithstanding, if that is not something they can or want to do, they can purchase a wireless flash drive (available in most electronic or cell phone provider stores), or find other inventive solutions. We have even had customers connect their sign to a cell phone hot spot!

3. What is LED cloud software? What type of software comes with your sign?

led Cloud Software Update logoLED cloud software is the web-based software that runs all Cirrus LED signs and allows the owner to control the display integrated into their sign. This powerful LED display software comes free with all our LED display systems and allows you to easily control, create and modify the message on your LED sign. What are the advantages of the LED cloud? Since the software is cloud (or Web) based, it allows the sign owner to update the message on their LED sign from any device and anywhere. It is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux desktops or laptops, and it also works with any smart-phone or tablet. That means the end user can control their LED display from their business, house, or even a coffee shop or the road. It also allows for the streaming of unique data onto signs such as social media feeds, stock quotes and headline news. Moreover, since the software updates over the cloud, there is no cost or need to install anything to keep it up-to-date. All that is done automatically. For more information about what software questions to ask when purchasing an LED display read our previous blog post. To schedule an LED Cloud demo send an email to contact@cirrusled.com.

4. What type of security does the software have.

There are three layers of security built into the LED sign’s software. 1.- Encrypted API Key: Each LED Controller contains a unique key that is used to validate the LED display with our servers. Without this secure handshake between LED controller and server no content can be edited. 2.-Wireless Bridging: This is a WDS function of the Access Point that allows a particular LED display Controller (and ONLY that LED display controller) to connect to the Access Point. 3.- PIN number: Each LED display controller has a uniquely generated PIN number, the content of the sign can’t be changed unless the correct PIN number is specified by the controller whenever updating content.

5. How many power circuits do you need?

Top view of the Solo controller. Only one circuit is needed to connect every part of the display. The LED panels connect to each other in a Daisy chain and the last on that chain connects to the controller. The controller has a power cord. That is the one and only cable that needs to be plugged to a power line. The wifi unit, temp probe and all other peripherals are actually built into the controller (or supplied via data feed) and they are powered off that one connection.

6. What is the range of your Wi-fi pairs?/ How do I connect my sign to the internet?

Each controller has a built in wifi unit. That wifi unit is married to a long range wifi antenna with a range of up to 2 miles with direct line of sight. These units can connect even with obstructions between the wifi antenna and the signs itself but direct line of sight will always have the best result.

7. Why don’t you need fans?

Blade-LED-Panel-Back-Conductive heating w shadowOur systems are intelligently design so they consume less power and therefore generate less heat. Since our systems run cooler we do not need fans -which are prone to malfunction and consume more energy- to cool the interior of our LED panels. For a more in detail explanation of Cirrus’ revolutionary design, read this article.

8. What is your warranty?

Hardware Each of Cirrus LED displays comes with a five year limited part swap warranty on all parts and components manufactured by Cirrus Systems Inc. Replacement parts will be dispatched in the event of a product failure and, upon replacement, defective parts will be shipped to Cirrus for repair. Terms and conditions apply. Please click here to see the full warranty details.
Software Cirrus provides service, support, and unlimited software upgrades for the lifespan of all Cirrus LED systems.

9. How long would it take for you to deliver an LED sign upon order?

Since our LED panels are modular, we can keep them in stock in our facility in California and ship them to you within twenty four hours of placing the other under normal conditions.

10. What’s the closest install?

map-north-america-830559We have LED installs all over the United States and Canada. Call one of our sales representatives at 1.877.636.2331 and they will be able to locate a sign less than an hour away from just about anywhere. --- Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net