The Art of Fixing An LED Sign Hanging 50 Feet in the Air

Someone asked me the other day, “So, if something happens, how do you fix an LED sign hanging 50 feet above the ground? How do you access the back of the panels or open the cabinet?” I was a little confused. “What do you mean?” I answered. He knew our signs don’t have cabinets! “Well”, he explained, “but many times they are encased in a box. Even when they are mounted only with the frames; How do you access the back of the box or frame to fix them? Do you lift the LED sign? Do you open it to the side?” That’s when it hit me, one of Cirrus LED Systems major competitive advantages but something that rarely gets mentioned:Our LED panels are front-serviceable! And this new partner had no idea! No mystery Our Sales team likes to say that Cirrus takes the mystery out of the LED display. And we often stress the reasons why. We talk about how our Cloud Based LED Content management software, LED Cloud, simplifies the process of updating the display’s message. How it allows the owner to manage the content on it’s LED sign from any device and anywhere. We love to discuss how our modular system makes installing our electronic message centers a breeze and how it allows us to ship our signs 24 hours after being ordered. We sometimes mention how it needs to connect to only one circuit breaker and consumes very low energy. We go on and on about how revolutionary our design is in so many ways and how it simplifies the process of buying, installing, and owning an LED display. We do mention how our sealed modules with no moving parts or fans are weatherproof and a lot more resilient than LED signs designed in old fashioned ways. Still, we normally don’t talk about how our innovative design also makes it much easier to repair. Maybe, is because we don’t have a lot of replacements or because we don’t even want to think of our panels having problems. But, bad things happen even to the best of us, and sometimes our modules do need to be replaced. The good news is that we have a five year replacement warranty, and with our 24 hour lead time, our front and back serviceability and modular design, the process of fixing your LED sign should be even easier than installing it. front serv So, what exactly does front-serviceability mean? It means that you don’t need to access the back of the LED sign to take out an LED module or replace the panel. As the picture shows, you can insert a hex key on the front of the LED board, twist and the panel will unlock. This allows you to pull it forward and disconnect it from the daisy chain. Better yet, the controller also fits within the space of an LED panel, so if you need to access the controller, all you have to do is remove a nearby LED tile and take it out. If there is a problem with a panel, you mail it back to us and we’ll send you a replacement. When you get it, you reinstall it where the original was and, voila, problem fixed. Our signs are also rear serviceable if for some reason is easier for you to access the back of the LED sign. Needless to say, our partner was more than happy with the way I answered his question. “No, you don’t juggle with a flying box fifty feet in the air to access the back of the panels. No need to lift it or slide it to the side, you just get a hex key and easily remove the panel from the front.” What about you? What are your main concerns when buying an LED sign? What is your favorite Cirrus Systems’ feature? Let us know by commenting on this post!