Outdoor Digital Signage: Top Ten Trends for 2016

It’s time to start reviewing trends to prepare Outdoor digital signage Marketing and Sales plans for 2016. Almost two thirds of Americans own a smart-phone. And more than half of all households own a tablet. That means that what people demand from their interaction with technology has shifted drastically. Nowadays, people are impatient and expect everything to be personalized. Things need to be readily accessible on their schedule, no matter where they are. It follows through that this also applies to Outdoor Digital Signage (LCD and LED Outdoor Digital Displays). And this shows in the key factors in next year trends:

Content Trends in Outdoor Digital Signage

1.- Outdoor digital signage  Imperial Theatre at nightDynamic Data: This is really good news for Outdoor Digital Signage. Dynamic content is what Digital Signage is all about. It is what differentiates it from other types of outdoor signage. Consumers are bombarded with information all day long; their minds can’t cope with the amount of outside stimuli. Therefore, the only way to capture their attention is showing them something different by the minute. Motion and variety are big winners when it comes to attention-grabbers. 2.- Personalization/ Targeting: Privacy concerns going down. As a result, people expect you to know: when to reach them, where to reach them, and how to reach them. Consumers expect each message to talk directly to them and address their needs. Outdoor digital signs, like LED signs, offer the necessary flexibility to target your audience. Use different messages according to the time of the day and every day relevant events that might have occurred. 3.- Less creative, more useful: An epic one-liner will still keep you in the minds of the consumers. Still, the younger the audience, the less they trust or care about advertising. So much so, it has been said that Millenials: “Hate Advertising” . At least, traditional advertising. Your content needs to be useful, relevant, and, hopefully, social.

Hardware Trends in Outdoor Digital Signage:

4.- Small, light panels:Left-Side-of-Blade-Panel-Outdoor digital signage Think back to smart-phones and tablets. People expect their technology to become lighter, thinner. Everything needs to be easier to manipulate and accessible to the masses. Old, cabinet-style, assembled-in-china LED-signs are a thing of the pass. The fact that they can only be handled by professionals is a red flag. The fact that they take months to arrive to its’ destination another. People will favor of more modern LED board/ LCD panels designs. 5.- Modularity: Following the previous point. People don’t want to wait for months for their LED digital display to arrive. People don't want a heavy and bulky box. Easiness of assembly is gaining points in the list of digital signage customers must-have. 6.- Serviceability: Clients are not interested in waiting for an expert to come repair their LED screen on-site. Even worse, wait for someone to take the display away for repair. People are impatient. Everybody expect things to be able to be solved online or over the phone. 7.- Energy efficient: People have the environment and their wallets in mind. Anything that can help either or both is a huge selling point.

Embedded Systems Trends in Outdoor Digital Signage:

8.- Embedded Sensors : Smart phones and wearable health monitors are using more and more sensors. Modern sensors make the overall technology experience something close to magic. Customers want the same from all of their devices. Sensors are part of the hardware but interact with the software to improve the performance of the Outdoor Digital Sign. For example: Temperature sensors can trigger notifications before the sign overheats. Humidity sensors can warn about dangerous levels of moisture. Light sensors can help adjust the brightness of an LED sign to the conditions. Software Trends: 9.- Web Based Content Management: People expect their software to work on their schedule and not vice-versa. That means, any software should be Coloured-Social-Media-Icons-Round accessible at any time from any computer. Even better, available from from their phones and tablets. Digital displays content management software is no exception. 10.- Social Media/ Social ads: The fine line between content and software. With individuals trusting advertising and brands less and less, the power of social endorsement becomes more and more important. social networks have a great advantage over the competition. Outdoor digital signs should have the capability to display social ads . What other trends do you notice on outdoor digital signage for 2015/2016? Let us know by commenting below or emailing us.