LED Display Web Based Software (LED CLOUD) Weekly Q&A sessions

Cirrus is now offering LED Display Web Based Software (LED CLOUD)Q&A sessions EVERY week

Have questions about our LED display web based software (LED Cloud) and don't know who to ask? Don't have questions but would love to learn more about our LED cloud content management software? Do you want to be able to maximize the impact of your LED sign? Then this space is for you!
Every Tuesday at 2 PM Eastern time (1 PM Central & 11 AM Pacific) call our open forum to ask any LED cloud software question you might have. Find answers to questions such as "How do I add a picture?", "How do I add a border to my text?", "How do I use the apps?".
LED Display Web Based Software Every month we'll cover a topic and each week we'll discuss a different aspect of that topic. Check our calendar to see what we will be discussing next.
When: Every Tuesday 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm EST (1 PM Central & 11 AM Pacific)
Who: All Cirrus Systems owners
  • Call: 605-562-3180 & dial access code: 221-760-411
  • Web: www.join.me, Click on "Join meeting" (top right), enter access code Cirrusled2Join.me* -- Code: Cirrusled2
  • Maximize your Cirrus' Sign potential
  • Discover LED Cloud features
  • Get design tips
  • Ask questions
  • Learn from fellow LED Cloud users
  • Give suggestions
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