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New LED Displays are Getting this Spiffy New T-shirt

Great news! All new LED displays leaving our warehouse are shipping with a new design of our collectible, great-looking Cirrus T-shirts! Previous versions of our T-shirts have been enthusiastically received. Since their release, customers have been asking when a new design will come out to expand their Cirrus LED Systems T-Shirt collection. Well, today, we are happy to announce that a new design is here. We hope you like it!

As if You Needed More Reasons To Get New LED Displays From Cirrus

Well, now you have one. The new T-shirts are out. Check them out and let us know what you think. The newer model features our logo in red over a gray background. The C in the Cirrus LED Systems' logo is prominently displayed in the front surrounded by solid red dots. A smaller C surrounded by red outlined dots decorates the back. Since August last year, our sign shops have been receiving a complimentary Cirrus LED Systems’ T-shirt with all new LED displays shipped to them. Old versions of the shirt are gone forever, so make sure to place orders frequently if you want to own the whole collection. If you are an end user and want a T-shirt, please, let us know.

Compare to Our Previous T-shirts

This is the third design in our complimentary T-shirts collectior and we hope it is your favorite. Previously,Previously we had a gray on gray and blue on blue version. How do you like our new T-shirt? Which one is your favorite? Let us know by commenting below sending us an email to marketing@cirrusled.com. Or let us know on our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google plus, LinkedIn, or Instagram. Learn more about how to get new LED displays from Cirrus, visit our Blade Page for full color displays, and our Solo Page for grayscale LED displays.
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