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How to Expand or Upgrade An LED Sign

How to Expand or Upgrade An LED Sign?

Never again have a client balk at the price of an LED display. Cirrus' modular system makes expansions and upgrades a great option for the hesitant or budget conscious.

Get into Digital with an Economical Grayscale System. When you are Ready, Easily Upgrade to Full Color

Our Solo System is a great way to get into digital. Our grayscale system is the most cost-effective LED display in the market. Unlike monochrome LED signs that only display one color, our grayscale LED systems can display 65,000 shades of red, or white. Such a large range of gradients allows them to play videos or show images very effectively. This, in turn, makes them a really powerful advertising medium. Moreover, Solo has the highest resolution in the market. Making it the perfect stepping stone into LED displays. Once your customers realize the power of digital, they will want to upgrade. With other manufacturers, an upgrade means getting rid of the old sign and starting the process anew, with all the hassles that entails. This is expensive and time consuming. Not with Cirrus. Our LED Systems allow you to keep the current structure. Just remove the old Solo Panels and replace them with your new choice of Blade. It couldn't be easier. Read below to see how to do it.

Purchase a Smaller LED Sign. Then, use the Incremental Revenue the Sign Brings to Make the LED Display Bigger

Want a 4'x 8' full color LED display but can only afford a 2'x 4'? No problem with Cirrus! Tell your customer to buy the 2'x 4'. Then, let the LED display do its magic. The increase in revenue will soon pay for the additional modules. Once ready, just buy the additional modules. Just add the new modules to the old structure and expand the sign. What other manufacturer can do that? None, only Cirrus. With us, your sign can be expanded an unlimited amount of times. Even years later, our color calibration technology will make sure that the colors on all the tiles match perfectly.

Expand an LED Sign

Cirrus' modular system makes expanding your sign easy. Simply purchase more panels and add them to the current structure. To add them to the current structure, follow the same steps you took when first constructing the sign. 1.- Make sure that the arrows on all of the panels are aligned. They should all be on the same side and facing the same direction. 2.- Screw panels together via the hex head bolts (screws). Then, mate the PEM nuts found on each frame. Adjoining frames should be connected by 4 (four) screw connections for a sturdy and reliable mount. An unlimited number of frames can be bolted together for any desired sign size. 3.- Insert panels into frames. To do so, simply align the panels with the frames. Notice the four assembly holes in the front part of the panels. Those holes align with the four knobs on the back of the panel. 4. -Lock frames. Simply push the brackets to secure the panel firmly in place. Alternatively, the front of the panel has two small holes that fit an Allen key. To lock or unlock the panels from the front, simply insert the Allen key in the correct place and twist. 5. - Daisy chain power/data cables. To do so, take the power/data cable that is already connected to the back of the panel and pass it through the holes between the frames. Take the male end of the waterproof circular connector at the end of the cable. Then, insert it in the empty female connector of the adjoining panel. Twist the lock to the right to securely connect the panels together. The connections can run left-to-right or right-to-left. The last panel of the row can be connected to the panel on top of it or below it. 6.- At this point, we recommend you call our tech support team so we can help you during the remainder of the install: 1.877.636.2331 ext 110.

Upgrade an LED Sign

To upgrade an LED sign: 1.- Remove the old panels from the front using a hex key. Just find the holes in the front of the panels and twist. 2.- Place the new panels in. To do that, follow steps 3 to 6 above. Watch how to install an LED sign, simply contact sales or call us 1.887.636.2331 for more information.
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