5 Reasons Cirrus’ Solo LED Signs are a Sign-Shop’s Best Friend

July is hot and we are on FIRE because our SOLO LED Boards are selling like ICE cream on a hot summer day. Fire & IceCan you believe that we are half way through 2016?! Its time to go back to all those lukewarm leads, to convince the doubtful, to review those quotes and beat the competition. Find the five reasons why Cirrus Solo LED Sign System is the real heat of the moment and a sign-shop owner’s new best friend. 1.- Easy to upgrade, a great starter sign. Piggy Bank LogoHave a hesitant client? Someone that would really like an LED sign but doesn’t want to make a big financial commitment? Solo is a great affordable, grayscale LED Sign. Better yet, since our frames work with both Solo and Blade LED sign Systems, it’s a great starter sign. Convince the doubtful! They can buy an inexpensive grayscale sign now and a few years down the line -when they see the potential of a full color LED sign- they can easily switch from Solo LED panels to Blade LED boards. 2.- Displays Text, Images and Video. Cirrus’ Solo LED sign system is able to display crisp text, images and video in shades of red, in the case of the Solo Fire, or white, in the case of the Solo ICE . Not only that, our grayscale Solo LED system is normally less expensive than text-only, run-of-the-mill LED signs. And if you find a comparable product at a lower price, then take advantage of reason 3! 3.-Price Match Guarantee. After rigorous development, our engineers succeeded in producing lower cost panels without sacrificing any of Cirrus systems’ quality. Best of all? We price match against any domestic competitor with a comparable product. 4.- Best Pixel Pitch While most grayscale and monochrome LED sign systems are only available in high pixel pitch (20mm or 19mm) and out-dated technologies; the Solo LED sign System comes in a 15.25 mm pixel pitch. This means it displays sharp and clear images and videos allowing the sign to have the maximum effect even at closer range. 5.- Very Low Energy consumption Go-Green-With-CirrusThe Solo System is amazing for retrofits! Run a quote today or call your account rep directly to learn the exact specs of our system. The energy consumption is so low you probably won’t need to add additional power when replacing a reader board! Check it out today Differentiate your Sign Shop and bring your customer a new solution - The SOLO System by Email or call: 1.877.636.2331 Today.