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Building LEDs

With building blocks we use to use as kids, you could be your own architect, your own construction worker, and your own designer. This was probably the most basic way for us to understand those principals, not that we noticed much as we were too busy building death stars and fast cars. One of the best parts about them, they were simple. LEDs can be too.  A lot of different companies offer products with extensive wiring and panel hookups that are required to make it work. Moreso, whenever you want to upgrade your display you have to order a totally different, new version, to replace yours with. Cirrus' displays aren't like that. Ours are buildable. If you want to make your displays bigger, you don't have to order a whole new display like you would with other suppliers.  Instead, you can just remove individual LED panels/modules.Want to change from a Blade X full-color display to a SOLO Ice? Sure thing, just remove the Color LED modules and send them to us, then we will send you the Ice modules. You don't have to take down your sign at all, not one frame. Just swap out the lights! Do you want to make your sign bigger? We got you, just order the additional number of panels you think you need, and attach them right onto your existing sign. You can literally just attach them to the existing framework that you are already using. This is because our framework is universal for all of our signs. Not to mention, it is so lightweight and maneuverable that it can be assembled on site, without having to hire any additional help. So your upgrade just became a whole lot easier. Cirrus' display panels only have two plugs and four screws that attach each panel to the other. This way you can stay organized while avoiding jumbled wires and expensive, confusing connections, or wasted materials after upgrades. You can connect and build our displays as big or as small as you like. You can upgrade and order different color LEDs whenever you like because we keep it easy.  
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