Unlimited Users

Rotating staff usually means that somebody has to be called up at home whenever something goes wrong or needs to be fixed at the place of business. Nobody likes getting work calls after hours. Thankfully, Cirrus LEDs can help prevent that. Our digital displays are controlled by a web based interface that the user controls and creates their own account on when they purchase from us. This interface allows for multiple users to be added to a single account. Our display owners can determine which of their employees have admin access to their digital displays in case a new sale sign needs to be added right away or if someone forgot to schedule a playlist for that particular day.This means that Sasha who comes in at 5 am to open the store doors can change the sign then go home at 12 pm. Then James can come in at 4 pm and change it again without anyone having to come in after their regular hours. The best part is that they can access the account without having to know the owner's original login credentials. The admin access will allow them to change the sign if need be without being able to change the owner's information/registration. This access can be given to an unlimited number of users. With this, different staff members can check to make sure each week's ads are ready to go during any work shift. There is no waiting for someone to get back from vacation or worrying about waking up your boss at midnight. No matter what the situation is you can have someone prepared to deal with your display as necessary, who is already up and moving around your business. To learn about the other features that go along with our displays, check out our main page!