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State by State: Missouri Signage Regulations

I will reiterate if only for my own sake, that before you purchase any display, make sure you review your state's signage regulations with your local sign shop. This will save you a headache later. Every state is different when it comes to their expectations of what a sign should look like and how it should perform. This week I decided to delve into Missouri's sign regulations. We will be heading out to that area this month for the Tri-State Sign Expo, more on that as it approaches, I better study up! (ch. section. part. number - Each of these official regulations has been paraphrased for an easier understanding, for the intention of this blog) 6.4. - First and foremost a permit must be granted for your display. 6.4.A - Each message that plays must be displayed for a minimum of 10 seconds. 6.4.G - Projected images and messages cannot be animated. 6.4.H - Your display's brightness cannot exceed 30o candelas per square meter (a measurement of how far the light is shown against the ground).

          * Many states have the illumination parameters listed by candelas. Double check whether it is by feet, candelas, or any other measurement

6.4.I.1+2 - If you are displaying numbers or text then only up to 20% of the sign can be digital. It can exceed 20% only if it is a minimum of 1,400 ft. from any other digital display allowed to exceed the 20% regulation.

Research these rules and parameters on your own time as well, they are much more complex in the official documents. Sign shops are well versed in their state and local township display rules. Sign owners should also take steps to become a bit more aware of how they are able to use their signs in accordance to their location. This information and more can be found at the following URL under chapter 6 Outdoor Advertising: http://www.sos.mo.gov/adrules/csr/current/7csr/7csr *Note* Most states have their sign regulations publically listed under their Department of Transportation's web page or have more specified sections on outdoor advertising.
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