Digital Media in the Marketing World

Outdoor LED Signs TheaterDigital media has become the main form of marketing. Everything is being upgraded to flashy signs and well-edited media. We not only prepare you for this new advertising reality but we also keep you ahead when you purchase a Cirrus Digital Display. Our adaptive technology allows for this consistent change of media advertising. Our signs are programmed through the LED Cloud. On this system, you can upload videos, change your screen's colors, add images, create text content, and that's not even touching half of it. These signs are something to look forward to as they become more prevalent when it comes to business use. These screens can fit anyone, anywhere. For example, movie theaters are famous for their beautiful, simple, white with black text signs that designate which movies are available. Many have already upgraded to LEDs that provide the same classic look but comes with being able to switch movie titles with the click of a button instead of inserting individual letters. Banks and credit unions have used our displays to showcase deals and bonus packages you receive when you sign up. Shopping markets have switched allowing the weekly sale items to be visible for miles. You will know ahead of time exactly when to purchase turkey or chicken and ham over bacon. Each time we release a new type of LED we can easily replace the older versions just by switching out LED panels. You will not have to take down the framework of your sign. As for our software, it receives updates on a regular basis meaning that we are always trying to keep our users on top of display trends. We will alert our users to the new features and host classes in which you can learn how to use them. Cirrus wants to equip you with all the tools and knowledge necessary to make your sign functional for you and attractive to the public.