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It’s A Sign Shop Industry

Electrical sign shops are an industry in which most of these shops have evolved into. They have their roots traced back through scrolling marquees, graphic/painted billboards, changeable letter signs, print designs and print shops (flyers/posters), and even as rubber stamp shops. This leads me to the fact that many sign shops have been there for generations and buy from display shops that are as old as they are. The signage distribution market is an older market, so being that Cirrus is only a few years old ourselves, we have to be ready to step up and show that we can hold our own. When we made our way onto the field most sign shops already had a series of dealers that they trusted and they were not sure about what kind of impact we could create. We were a risk. This was understandable and we expected that. Most sign shops are facing a ratio of 1:10 employees to customers. They live in the same towns as most of their customers, they see them at the local soccer games, they go to the same coffee shops, they develop strong ties with them as they see them throughout their community. They want to sell them something they trust so they can keep those ties and generally, they want to help them make their business thrive as well as their own. We were a big risk when you think of it that way. Especially back then, but now....we are proof that the risk has paid off. Our digital displays have stepped up the digital marketing game. We have a lightweight reliable product that has made sign shops think differently about digital displays. We have a weatherproof design because we found a way to coat the modules to make them waterproof and avoided the fan problems that were occurring in older signs. We have a software that allows you to customize your display from your phones, iPads, and computers. Our display modules have only two power connections instead of ten and there is no size limit with our signs, vertical/horizontal, build away. We didn't break the market, sign shops have been able to recognize what we could offer them and their customers in the ways of technology and installation ease. We are improving the market. Making what the sign shops offer more functional, reliable, customizable, and easier to manage.
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