Burning In

In order to make sure that we are consistently providing our sign shops with the highest quality technology, we test it ourselves. We make sure that every screen we sell is "burned in" which is a process of going through and checking that each led on each of our panels is functioning properly. To those in the warehouse, they understand that it is a long process that requires hours of playing through content throughout the day.  For those of us outside the shop, it is more of a fun activity as we get to walk through and watch the screens playing anything and everything from cooking tutorials to deep sea diving videos. I have a short clip of the process below. As fun as it looks, it is a pivotal piece of our process in which we make sure that what we are sending you is functioning properly and presenting all our visuals to the best clarity our LEDs can manage. (I highly recommend watching in full screen for video quality) This clip also provides a perfect example of the range of material that you can present on your digital displays. We are no longer limited to text only advertisements. We can add full-color pictures, videos, and shapes or animations. So like we do in the shop, have fun with it! make your displays as bright and interactive as you'd like. Then, shoot us a picture so we can brag about your display on our social media pages. We always love to see our users playing around with their content and creating amazing displays.