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Friday Highlight!

Every Friday we like to show off our users and sign shops by showing what kinds of displays they have chosen and the great content they have created for them.   This week's highlight is the Brown Grand Theatre's Marquee! They actually provided us with this fantastic film time lapse that depicts how they switched from an older style letter changer marquee to a brand new Cirrus LED digital display. The time lapse shows the evolution from one sign to the other. The hardest part of the whole process really looks to be the brick work they needed to incorporate their larger, custom sized display. The putting together of the sign itself is both straightforward and easy.   Cirrus displays use a hex head locking system which means that our individual and lightweight modules can be attached, and your full display built, on site. It is light enough to lift with little to no help and can be used in pre-existing display foundations such as the brick below, or can be used for retrofitting in marquee frames.   This video can be found on the theatre's FB page as well as on Wildside Creative's (who filmed this).   For more videos, pictures, and display features, follow our social media pages (listed below). For more information about Cirrus, know that we post daily about product information and updates on our Main Page. We also post pictures of our displays, and blogs that describe the types of regulations associated with the use of LEDs. Our goal is to keep you informed to the best of our ability and we do that by keeping on our toes and making sure to get information out as often as possible. So stay in touch, you never know what hot topics you might miss! Facebook  Twitter Instagram Pinterest Ello        
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