Friday Highlight!

We are nearing the end of the Friday workday which leads us all into the freedom of the weekend. While you are taking what is left of the warmer weather why not check out our thriving social media pages? It is always a great way to enjoy your free time, scrolling through the funnies of Facebook and looking at fun photos. That reminds me, this week I want to highlight Cirrus LED's capabilities to sense each other. Capture 5b Cirrus LEDs don't only connect to each other, they find each other. This is what happens that allows an image or video to travel over the modules instead of being stopped at the edges of each panel. Like a romantic comedy, the panels are introduced to each other through their power connections. The display then goes through a mapping process to determine which image will go where and how it will all work together. Finally, once a sequence is identified they begin to share the information and work together to make beautiful images like the flower shown above. This is how the petals were able to expand from the middle out to the edges of the third screen. Even separated between sets of screens the displays don't miss a pixel, accommodating the length of the image.   For more images go to our Instagram, Pinterest, or Ello pages. For more information on our products, updates, and the occasional shout-outs follow our Facebook and Twitter pages. Of course, check out our home page as well. We have product descriptions and company information there. If you have any questions our call number is also listed.