Tri-State Expo Recap

After a long trip filled with demos and fancy dinners, we are back from the Tri-State Sign Expo! As our reps settle back in I would like to first and foremost say that we were so glad to have been able to be a part of this event and all of the activities that went along with it. Amongst these were the 80s themed evening (in which some costumes certainly turned heads) and the live auction. We were very excited to see our auctioned dinner for two, go so quickly! Big thanks, also, to the Graphic Solutions Group (GSG) pictured with us below. As always it was a great time and we cannot wait for the potential to participate in this event with you again next year.  imagejpeg_1   For those who might not have known, a few of our own were down in Joplin, MO this past week. You can see representatives from both Cirrus (right) and GSG (left in the picture to the right. Below we also have a few pictures of our booth. We showcased our Blade X and Solo units, which have their information listed on our product page. So if you were not able to join us this past weekend I highly encourage you to go over to those pages and read about the different resolution and color options we currently provide. If you are looking to get in contact with us certainly call the number listed on our contact page as well as be able to leave us an email with any questions you might have. Next month, be on the look out because we are on the move again. In September we will be in Hartford, Connecticut for NSSA's Northeast Sign Expo September 28th and 29th. You can find updates on this upcoming event, as it approaches, on our social media pages.   IMG_0405           IMG_0404