Thursdays at Two Too

For those of you who did not participate in the available guided walkthrough of the LED Cloud system today, did you know there's one on Thursday? Tuesdays and Thursdays mean demo days! The Cirrus LED Cloud receives updates all of the time! That means that if you haven't logged on in a few weeks, a month, a few months, you might not be completely up to date on all of these features available for your display use. A couple of months ago you may have noticed that the Cirrus LED Cloud underwent a bit of a transformation, so if you are a user on what we consider to be the "Old Cloud" a training is definitely a good thing to look into as you will need to be switched over. It might sound tedious but I assure you the trainings are short, to the point, and led by a very capable member of our staff. The length varies slightly but averages approximately 15 minutes, which is about the amount of time it takes your dishwasher to go through the cleaning cycle. What happens during this time, aside from your dishes drying, is you log into an online conference with our demo driver along with whomever else has scheduled time for the demo. You will then be given a rough overview of how the system works before delving into newly released features and trainings on how to use them. This is a great way to learn about what can make your display really "POP". For example, the Twitter Feed option allows you to see your companies feed right on your display! I have yet to see that on a sign in or around my town. This means that if I used it I would definitely draw some eyes, if only for the difference of it. These types of features allow the user to really mix up their content. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays could be your usual sale ads, then Tuesdays and Thursdays are Twitter days and the weekend can be the time you play around with live streaming videos. With the increasing amount of available options, it is only right that we give you the proper knowledge needed to use all of them. So keep in mind that if you are a user either on the old LED Cloud or the new, maybe check in with us and make sure you haven't missed anything.