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Friday Highlight!

For those of you who thankfully survived the mounds of paperwork, loud copiers, and meetings that occurred throughout the week, congratulations! I will let us leave this week on a high by sharing on of the photos we received this week! Below is the Jenkinson's Aquarium in Point Pleasant, New Jersey! They installed quite a large custom display standing at 12 x 16 feet, a 9mm full-color display. They are clearly having some fun with it as they have an active penguin cam along with their text ads featured daily.   Every week we like to highlight our favorite photos and videos. Be sure to follow us on our Facebook and Instagram pages in order to see them! We also post blogs regularly which you can find on by going to the news section of our website Cirrusled.com. For example, did you know we were featured on this year's Inc. 5000  list? No? check out our blog from yesterday!
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