An Interactive Medium

Digital signage is both a fast-growing industry as a whole but also becoming a popularly used interactive medium. This is easily noticed on any long drive as you pass by sign after sign, "70% off", "$20 oil changes", "Large fries with every meal purchased". If I had to guess I would also say that the letter board on your left describing the specials didn't catch you attention as much as the LED sign on the right pointing out the fast-food drive through.  This is probably true for a number of reasons, first of all when you are driving who isn't in the mood for fast food? Secondly, Digital signs don't have to remain stagnant like letter boards and other still signage. Instead, they are bright and commanding, and their content changes.   In a recent interview included in Digital Signage Today, Paul Ducharme of Liquid Outdoor was discussing the importance of digital services. "The beautiful thing about digital is there is no extreme lag time with the creative," he said. "As soon as it's ready, it gets posted. With a static billboard, you've got to print it on vinyl, you've got to ship it, you've got to hang it; that's a three-week process. With digital, they just email us a file and it's up within five seconds" said Ducharme. "... Everything in the outdoor space is turning digital. Everybody in this lifestyle mall arena is rushing to convert everything to digital."   This is why so many companies, small businesses, retail shoppes, and enterprises are switching over to digital marketing. This allows the marketing to change with their industry and change with the market no matter what the time or season. In Digital Signage Today's One Display To Go Please, it was included that, "Dunkin' Donuts recently saw the benefits of using digital signage to reach customers at unusual times. For example, if a location has unseasonably warm or cold temperatures, it can easily take advantage of this oddity by marketing weather-specific foods such as hot or cold drinks, according to Paul Murray, director of digital innovation at Dunkin' Brands."   This is certainly a powerful market and it is quickly adapting to be the most functional. Here at Cirrus Systems, Inc. we are looking to better prepare you for this market's rapid changes with our own innovative digital signage collection. You can check them out on our home page and read more about the signage industry by referring to the links included within this post.