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NEW LED Cloud Youtube Tutorials!

  We have recently created a series of tutorials regarding our LED Cloud software! This is the software that we use to program our LED displays. This software allows the end users to design and create unique advertisements that truly suit their business. It also allows them to regularly change their display's content. It is very user-friendly but this doesn't mean that there is not a learning curve. This software is always updated on a regular basis. Which means that if you haven't logged in for a few weeks, you may not have realized some of the changes. Either that or when you do log on you will be very surprised by all of the additions. We provide two services that can help to accommodate you to these changes. The first is our TUESDAYS @ TWO sessions, open to our current display users. Each week on both Tuesday and Thursday at 2 PM EST our support services hosts a 15-minute, guided, instructional session. These will cover a brief overview of the system, recent updates to the system (such as the look and placement of buttons), new features that were released over the last few weeks, and a general Q+A. Participants can either call in to join these sessions or log in online to attend. Secondly,  we have included a series of tutorial videos on our Youtube page. These will be continuously developed based on our display user's and sign shop's most popular questions. Currently, aside from our active display videos (definitely should watch those too) and our build time videos, we have six videos posted on our page. As of now, we have a video on editing slides, scheduling, reordering your current slides, uploading images, creating a display, and creating a playlist. To see each of these head on over and browse through our videos by going to youtube.com/CirrusCystemsInc or by clicking HERE.