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5 Popular Uses for Cirrus LED Displays

Our displays are used for a variety of different businesses. They provide a very manipulative platform on which to advertise making them an easy choice for business marketing. For every business though, it is always nice to find out what types of programs Cirrus users prefer and how they use them, in order to figure out if we are a good fit. Here are 5 examples of popular uses for Cirrus LED Displays.   #1 - Live Feed Universities and high schools especially, enjoy the live feed option. By using our Cirrus Cloud System, the program used to design your display content, you can live stream events like football games or high school lacrosse matches. As long as the videos have an open URL (usually found on the school's webpage) the video can be streamed on your display. This allows universities to reel in more of the passing crowd as well as get the locals more excited about the university events because they can see them as they travel by.   #2 - Scheduling Restaurants are very fond of our flexible scheduling options. Our display software allows for the creation of "playlists". These playlists are made up a selection of slides picked by the user, that are set to play one after the other. Playlists can be set to play at specific times and days meaning you could schedule your lunch menu to repeat every day from 11 AM to 1 PM, or your weekend entrees pictures to cycle through only on Saturdays and Sundays from 5 PM to 9 PM.   Tower Theater#3 - Retrofitting The classic look of a Theater movie board is beautiful. Simple and elegant, it is a staple look for the industry. This leads me to the topic of retrofitting. Our LED systems can be installed within pre-existing signage structures. Theaters use this form of installation in order to easily replace their letter boards with a Cirrus LED digital display, usually a Solo Ice.  Cirrus is the only provider of an all white digital display, it incorporates over 65 thousand different grayscale shades making the classic look obtainable even with the LED upgrade.   #4 - Weather Protection Businesses stationed in Florida and Maine are amongst those who have to consider the weather before considering a sign. Unless they are buying a Cirrus LED. We have several displays in both those states as well as states that are frequented by dust storms, heavy rains, and crazy heat. Our design scored an IP67 rating, has no moving parts, and doesn't need to be monitored for moisture build up.   #5 - Changing Slides Digital displays are fantastic for Business parks because of how much content can be included on them. You are able to shift through different business signs and information. This is great for directing general traffic but also shipping trucks and those traveling to meet and negotiate with your business.