5 Big Markets Using Digital Signage

Digital Signage is becoming the most popular form of advertising. It is quick, it is easy, it is eye catching. If you are currently considering the switch to this updated advertising system, consider the following industries that are helping to push digital signage to the top.  


Nearly every sports arena, from the full fledged football stadiums, down to the university fields, incorporates digital displays.  Actively changing displays draws in locals that want to know when the homecoming game is and it rallies the hundreds of thousands of people cheering on the playoff teams. For those of us who can't afford the nosebleeds, we are consistently looking to see what kind of signage is around so we can keep updated on the scoreboards. For those of us who can't afford the nosebleeds, we are consistently looking to see what kind of signage is around so we can keep updated on the scoreboards. Sure enough, there will be a very large screen at the each of the four directional points of the stadium informing us of the numbers, replays, and current action.  


Very few would guess the gaming industry would use digital displays when there are so many different gamer-specific platforms to consider when physically participating in the games. However, much like the sports related industries, gamer gather from all around the world to participate in huge tournaments. For example, there is currently a DreamHack competition taking place. If you were to follow the link HERE, you can see that Twitter Gaming has an intro video to the tournament. In the first few seconds, it shows an enormous crowd. They will be watching the gaming on...yup...a humungous screen that can show them all of their favorite gamer's active screenplay.  

Fast Food

Driving down the highway it is incredibly difficult to point out businesses without digital signage! That is because this is the easiest way to let people know where your business is. These displays not only let you know when the pumpkin spice kick begins but also approximately when to turn into the driveway of that particular business so you can buy said pumpkin spice.

Financial Institutions

Banks and Credit unions turn to signage as a useful tool in informing the public about what makes them stand out from the others of their like, in the area. Popularly they will showcase specific rates that they can provide to new users. They also display what items or processes are included in their financial options/accounts, for example, "free checking" or "zero atm fees". And of course, there are the quirky phrases that also get brought on board like, "Got Debt?".  

Car Washes

Car washes are necessary throughout the different stages of your car's life. This is why there are so many of them. Car washes are popular users of digital signage for similar reasons as the fast food chains. Partially because of competition and because of where they tend to be located. Any business stationed street side against major traffic will probably be looking to upgrade their own signage with the other businesses making the switch along the same street. If there are several of the same business on that one street, business owners will be looking to make that switch earlier than the others along with supplying the best content which is afforded them by the use of an LED.