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Friday Highlight!

Another week has come and gone and we are reminded why we should stick to the strong stuff next

For those of you anxiously watching the clock today, ready to run out and take control of your three-day weekend, why not spend some time browsing through our many many photos. It is a great way to spend some "extra time". This week we are showcasing our installed for Shawnee Honda Polaris Motorsports in Oklahoma! This massive display stands at 12 feet x 12 feet and is a great example of the customizability of display size. Our displays are made up of 1ft. x 2ft. modules. Each module is made to provide the option to be interconnected in order to make your signage as large or as small as you need it to be. This also means that at any time, if the sign size needs to change, you can remove or add modules to make it a better fit for you. Our different modules, those for Blade X in the 9mm or 12mm and those for Solo Fire and Ice are also interchangeable. Our universal framework allows for our different modules to be exchanged or upgraded without having to remove and reinstall your sign. The display at Shawnee is a very large version of our Blade X product. This is an RGB display that can show 281 different colors. Blade X is also available in three different resolutions. Shawnee's is a display with a 16mm resolution meaning that the viewing distance from the sign is recommended to be at least 60 feet. This is because it is meant to be seen by traffic that will initially be traveling towards the sign from a good distance away. This is always a great option for a display that is very tall and needs to be seen from the road, even if it is not roadside.   If you are interested in building a sign of your own, take a look at our product page. Then I would suggest either calling at the following number:  877.636.2331 or contact your local sign shop and ask about our products. In addition, for those of you who don't already know, we do post updates on all of our products on our blog and social pages. This along with our Friday Highlights and other fun photos and news stories can be found on the following networks and by going to our homepage. Facebook Twitter Ello Pinterest Instagram