The Design Potential of A Digital Display

Digital Display systems are highly underestimated when it comes to their design potential. Most probably assume that it the displays are solely meant to display a direct message in a series of different colors or scrolling speeds. This is not at all the case. Digital advertising provides us with a very diverse advertising platform. Consider that everyone is a customer or a consumer. We are continuously having sales pitches pushed into our faces via flyers, posters, online ads etcetera. As a result, we become more equipped to avoid them and less attracted to them. This makes it more and more difficult to draw people to any individual business.
Jeff Doud of MaxMedia remarked in his most recent post that, "Public spaces, retailers, malls, and lobbies often assume that their messaging or offers are the single most important component of their content strategy. I argue that this is the last thing that consumers, visitors, or guests want."
He suggests that customers are tired of the sales pitch and want to be influenced by a customized environment versus just a message. We are continuously reacting to the environment we are in. For example, I don't think any of us enjoy that we have to avoid contact with kiosk owners trying to hand out flyers in the mall. I would think we do enjoy walking past the stores that have pictures of adoptable puppies in the window. By creating a comfortable environment a direct relationship between the consumer and ad has been created. This is why Cirrus Systems is really your best advocate and tool when it comes to marketing your business.

This Idea Surrounds Several Points

  • A message is avoided while an art piece is appreciated. Cirrus systems let you customize your displays. Though this does include text size, color, and font, this also means the inclusion of design. Through our LED Cloud system, you can upload beautiful photos, fun videos, and even graphics/animations of your own design.
  • Have your art guide their eyes. With whatever artsy design decided upon, the message needs to be understandable. Here is an example:
  Clarks is obviously selling their newest kicks via digital displays. The crazy video behind it is centered on the shoe making it seem like the shoe is part of the display.  I couldn't pass this without taking a glance, that's for sure!
  • Lastly, create a message that is much more enjoyable to look at than the norm. This way more attention and foot traffic is brought into your store!
In order to create such dramatic effects, a quality display and software pairing is required. Cirrus Systems, Inc. provides beautiful digital display options from our SOLO devices ( our RED and GRAYSCALE displays) as well as our BLADE X full color (available in three resolutions 9mm, 12mm, 16mm) displays. These devices are also paired with our easy to use end user interface, the LED Cloud. this software allows you to customize any of your display's content. For more information on our display's visit our product page!