Friday Highlight!

This Friday we are stressing the Cirrus Systems brightness feature!

Scheduling your brightness is a very important aspect of owning and managing a sign. Every town has a specified light measurement that is allowed, usually measured in candelas. Every so often you will even find towns whose light requirements change throughout the day. This is due to several reasons like light pollution, dangerously bright signs could cause problems for people driving by, or perhaps the neighborhood age range is sensitive to the amount of light produced. No matter the issue, our LED Cloud software does provide a brightness scheduling option. This will allow you to set the standard brightness to change throughout the day, automatically. It will also allow you to schedule different brightness levels for different playlists. This means avoiding the town fines because of forgetting to change the brightness manually right at 6 PM. In addition to avoiding a black sign because it is being completely washed out by the sun. For more information on our features log onto our LED Cloud software. If you don't work with our Cirrus LED displays, visit our product pages. OR if you want to learn more about our new updates and features follow us on our social media sites: FB / TW / IN / LI Bedford Sign 8-23-17-1-19