Larger Displays are Leading This Growing Market

Everything is Bigger in Texas they say, apparently we should be taking notes. There are two aspects of the digital signage industry that continue to grow. These would be the overall size of the displays we are using, and the value of the industry that is continuing to skyrocket. In a recently published demographic, IHS Markit released a market prediction of the digital display industry. This prediction also took into account favored display sizes.
“In the long term, public display revenue growth will be fueled by high demand for larger-sized displays, particularly in the education and corporate space,” said Sanju Khatri, director, digital signage and professional video at IHS Markit.
They have determined that the displays that will produce the most income will be over 65 inches. They also pointed out that displays in the range of 80 to 89 inches were seeing exceptionally fast revenue growth.

Additional Sources

As for the industry as a whole, IHS has estimated that from 2016's $6 billion the growth will be $13.7 billion by 2021. This would also mean approximately twice the number of display units would be produced and sold during this time. This is a similar prediction to the 2016 Digital Signage Market Analysis by Grand View Research.
"The industry is expected to witness substantial growth owing to its growing usage in corporate and hospitality sector. It is used in retail sector primarily for advertising in shopping malls and other self-service stores, which accounted for over 40.0% share in 2015. The availability of content with large size along with growing need to display minute details primarily in corporate and healthcare sector are expected to boost the demand over the next eight years."

Cirrus LED displays

Our displays are made to be built upon so they can grow alongside the market, literally and metaphorically. Our display modules can interlock, due to our universal framing. This provides you with space and opportunity to make your display larger. It also means that the LED panels can be switched out easily, leaving the framework as is. If RGB colors are more popular than single, purchase the RGB and switch them out with the all red panels. Recently, all white displays have become popular because when you are retrofitting, they provide a beautiful classic look. Switch out your Cirrus panels at any time to fit the times.

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