On The Road In Chicago!

Two of our esteemed staff have been traveling around Chicago this past week, learning about some of our new equipment! Recently, our operations had been moved the wonderful town of Saco, Maine. This was done so that we could begin to move our manufacturing division to our new location as well. Throughout the next few months, we will be receiving several large pieces of equipment as well as sending several staff members out for trainings on how to use them! Recently we received our first piece of major equipment. So as that came in, our selected staff headed out to beautiful Chicago for training.
"The training is basically learning how to program and configure the software to make our products and the techniques to minimize the time required to produce each. There are a lot of features that we are just covering the basics of and it will be up to us to experiment with them once we're done here to figure out the 'golden recipe' to make each product." ~ Christian Knight
From the looks of it they are enjoying themselves, based on the pictures they have sent thus far:   IMG_20170912_175058
IMG_20170912_175407_01  Chicago machine   We are very excited to be receiving our new manufacturing equipment! We will continue to keep everyone up to date about how things are going in-house as well as out on the road so be sure to follow us on Twitter, FB, and Instagram as well as checking back here for more information 🙂